“The Journey of Modern Theology” Is Published!

“The Journey of Modern Theology” Is Published! November 7, 2013

Yesterday I received from the publisher complimentary author’s copies of The Journey of Modern Theology: From Reconstruction to Deconstruction (InterVarsity Press). Amazon says its publication date is December 1, but it is now available from the publisher if not from Amazon. And I’m sure it can be ordered at any bookstore. It is in the publishers’s warehouse.

The volume is 720 pages including the index.

Below are the four recommendations published on the back cover and at Amazon. I’m deeply gratified by them and have expressed my thanks to those who wrote them.

“This is an exceptional achievement–the fruit of many years of diligent labor in the classroom and study. From Descartes to Hauerwas, and just about everyone in between, Roger Olson provides a travelogue that covers the many routes taken in the journey that is modern theology. Through learned and appealing descriptions of the landmarks along the way, Olson invites his readers to take up their own explorations of key theologians and movements. This is an engaging and readable survey, which will serve as an able guide for students of modern theology for many years to come.” (David Lauber, associate professor of theology, Wheaton College)

“Having used for years and years ‘Grenz and Olson’ as a classroom resource, I am enthused about this rewrite which, indeed, is such a complete rewrite that it has made an already great text even better! What distinguishes this survey of contemporary theology from all others is not only Dr. Olson’s insightful and balanced critique of views but also its integral narrative structure. Similar to its predecessor, this one is likely to become a standard resource for years to come.” (Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, professor of theology, Fuller Theological Seminary, and docent of ecumenics, University of Helsinki)

“In this highly readable and stimulating volume, Roger Olson navigates the nuances and complexities of modern theology with the aplomb of a seasoned scholar and the sensibility of an expert guide. The result is the best narrative account of the subject available today. Indeed, it is hard to imagine a better introduction to the sweep of modern theology being written anytime soon.” (John R. Franke, Yellowstone Theological Institute)

“Originally intended as a revision of 20th-Century Theology, The Journey of Modern Theology makes a unique and independent contribution to the study of modern theology. Olson has focused upon the diverse reactions to modernity. The book includes a more extensive treatment of nineteenth-century theology, and it engages in detail with contemporary postliberal, postmodern and deconstructive endeavors. The volume exhibits the passion of Olson’s commitments and the clarity of his writing. Both make the volume extremely useful and helpful for beginning students. Olson is clear in his advocacy of orthodox and neoorthodox theological positions as he is in his criticism of liberal theories. He does so in a way that fosters and encourages a dialogue with diverse theological options.” (Francis Schüssler Fiorenza, Stillman Professor for Roman Catholic Theological Studies, Harvard Divinity School)

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