Christian Philosophy for Newbies

Christian Philosophy for Newbies December 30, 2013

One of the questions I am frequently asked is “Whom can I read to learn about philosophy from a Christian perspective if I’m not trained in philosophy?” Another, related question, is “Whom can I recommend beginners read in Christian philosophy?”

I have one constant suggestion: Keith Ward. Look him up (google him and look at his web site and his amazon page).

Ward is an orthodox Christian and trained philosopher who has written and continues to write many books of philosophy and theology (usually integrating the two) that deal with life’s ultimate questions and contemporary cultural issues.

He is erudite but accessible to non-philosophers. He is fair but committed. Some of his books are popular while others are more scholarly and academic. (All are scholarly in the sense of being supported by scholarly research and knowledge.)

I hesitate to make recommendations because which of his books is “best” depends on a reader’s desires and needs, level of education and acquaintance with philosophy, etc. I recommend looking at his books and “tasting” a few of them to see which ones are suitable. At amazon a person can usually see tables of contents and sometimes read a sample of a book.


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