A Final Word about the “Gay Wedding Cake” Issue

A Final Word about the “Gay Wedding Cake” Issue March 9, 2014

I simply don’t have time to moderate scores of messages every day. Whenever I touch on “gay” issues people who normally never come here flood my comment box with arguments pro and con. It’s obviously a very controversial issue. But what bothers me is that even when I BEG people to stick to the issue I raised they don’t. The issue was the free exercise of religious conscience based on membership in a church that has a clear doctrinal standard about a certain behavior (not identity).

Most people who engage in this debate simply fail to recognize a distinction between homosexual orientation and homosexual behavior. To me and many (probably most) religious people there is a difference between identity (what a person cannot help being) and behavior (what a person can avoid doing.

This is the end of this round of the discussion. I BEG you to read my most recent post about John Piper and respond. If you have no interest in that and are ONLY interested in debating the “gay wedding cake” issue, you’ll just have to wait. Don’t waste your time writing a comment; I won’t post it–either pro or con. The discussion is now closed.

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