A Few Words about this Blog…

A Few Words about this Blog… July 16, 2014

A Few Words about this Bog and My Policies and Practices Regarding Posting Comments and Responding to Them

Every once in a while I interrupt the “flow” of posting my theological musings here to comment about discussions in this space. If you intend to contribute to the discussion with a comment or question, please observe the following rules of thumb:

1) This is my space and no one has a “right” to have their comment or question posted here. I moderate the discussion and decide which responses and questions to post. If you violate any of the following rules of thumb, don’t be surprised if your comment or question never appears here.

2) Normally I delete rude comments or questions. If your comment or question is rude, disrespectful or uncivil, you may be wasting your time by writing it and attempting to have it posted here.

3) Normally I delete comments that seem intended only to promote the commenter’s own opinion as opposed to genuinely, constructively contributing to the discussion at hand.

4) Normally I delete responses with multiple questions. I simply do not have time to answer many questions. Please keep your questions to one or two at the most. Otherwise, you are probably wasting your time posting your message (with multiple questions) here.

5) I often delete comments or questions that merely repeat others’. If yours does not appear, look around to see if your comment or question was submitted by someone else.

6) I often delete extremely long comments/questions. To ensure (not guarantee) that your message will probably be posted here, keep it concise and to the point and brief.

7) I rarely post messages here that contain links to other sites. I do not have time to check them out. I may post them if the links are already known to me and I consider them safe to post here.

8) I usually delete comments and questions that misrepresent what I wrote. Don’t waste your time or mine by misrepresenting what I said.

9) I expect the level of discussion here to be higher than most in the blogosphere and delete messages that show ignorance parading as knowledge, ill will, deceit, ad hominem argumentation, and/or attack personalities.

10) I delete messages that contain “reports” that could be judged slanderous or libelous.

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