An Invitation to Participate (And Atheism Discussion Closed)

An Invitation to Participate (And Atheism Discussion Closed) August 6, 2014

I am spending way too much time reading comments from atheists that repeat ones already posted here. The discussion has run into the ground. No new ground is being plowed. So the atheism discussion is now closed. Don’t bother commenting as I will not post comments on that particular subject.

And now an invitation to (probably) others: My previous post was about history writing and the ghettoizing or exclusion of religious contributions to culture in many history books and series (including children’s series). Before posting in response to this invitation, please read that post.

Here is the invitation: Suggest up to 5 (not more) religious influencers who should have their own volumes in a large, inclusive series of books for children about important, influential people in history (and present). The series includes political leaders, authors, musicians, artists, scientists, etc. But currently, so far as I can tell, there is not a single volume dedicated to person known primarily for his or her contribution to religious life or to culture generally from a religious perspective. I will start things off with three suggestions that I think would be appropriate for such a children’s series: C. S. Lewis (because of his vast influence on 20th century religion and culture and continuing influence through his writings into the 21st century), John Paul II (because of his influence not only on religion but also on the “fall” of the “iron curtain”), and Billy Graham (because of his vast influence on especially Protestant Christianity in the 20th century and his being the unofficial chaplain to presidents from Eisenhower to Reagan).

Give reasons for your suggestions/nominations.

If I’m able to reach the editor(s) of the children’s book series I perused at a major chain bookstore I will send him/her/them the top 10 suggestions.

Suggest away!

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