Creating a Course for FaithLife

Creating a Course for FaithLife March 16, 2015

All last week (March 9-13, 2015) I was in Bellingham, Washington video taping two courses on historical theology for the MobileEd division of FaithLife–the new name of Logos Software. I’m not sure when the courses will be available for purchase, but eventually anyone will be able to watch them and interact with the lectures via links embedded in the texts (for a fee, of course).

The FaithLife folks were extremely hospitable to me and I thank them for all their help throughout the week I was there. (Bellingham, by the way, is a beautiful small city overlooked by a gorgeous snow-capped mountain.)

FaithLife/MobileEd also taped a 45 minute conversation with me for a podcast which should be available soon.

This is not meant as a commercial for FaithLife or MobileEd but only as an explanation of where I was and what I was doing all last week and an expression of profound thanks to all the good folks there who bent over backwards to accommodate me and make my week so far from home enjoyable.

If I had to specify a “highlight” of my week I would mention a two hour dinner meeting with Bob Pritchett, founder and CEO of FaithLife (Logos Software). He is a visionary when it comes to making serious Bible study and theological education accessible to the masses.

My most recent post here was about the dumbing down of Christianity in America along with the rest of American culture. FaithLife provides resources for churches (and other organizations and individuals) to expand their knowledge and understanding of the Bible and Christian theology. I strongly recommend those resources especially for churches that do not have their own similar resources “in house”–to educate their congregations about the Bible and theology.

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