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Recent Podcasts April 17, 2015

Two or three podcast interviews with me have “gone up” on the internet recently. On is an interview that happened at FaithLife/MobileEd (formerly Logos Software) in Bellingham, Washington when I was there in March. I’ve been notified that it is going up on iTunes and Sound Cl0ud. Here is the link: .

However, I just discovered another interview podcast that I did at FaithLife that week in March. It is available on the web. It’s called “An Interview with Roger Olson Meet the Editor of the Spurgeon Commentaries Series.” (No, I’m not that Editor! It’s a two-part interview.) This is easy to access simply by using key words with Google.

My friend Christopher Gehrz who hosts the Pietist Schoolman blog interviewed me for a podcast earlier this week and that is now available to watch at: .

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