Strange Church Names: An Opportunity to Participate

Strange Church Names: An Opportunity to Participate June 29, 2015

A friend mentioned this church to me because he thought the name was unusual (to say the least): Cheers, the Church. It’s a Pentecostal church in British Columbia, Canada.

I invite you to suggest church names here for the (mythical) award of “strangest church name.” The only restrictions are these: The existence of the church must be verifiable (but don’t post hyperlinks!), the church must not exist only on the web, the church must actually meet weekly, the church’s name must be “family friendly” (no vulgarities), the church name must be in the English language, the church must be Christian (broadly defined).

(I’ve already posted here “Scum of the Earth Church” in Denver, so let’s let that one go. But it serves as an example. So far it wins the (mythical) award in my mind. But “Cheers, the Church” comes in a close second.

Years ago I read a fine book by a Baptist pastor entitled “A Drink at Joel’s Place.” It was about how many people find better fellowship at a bar than in most churches. It was a challenge to churches to strengthen fellowship with real transparency among people. Perhaps the pastors of Cheers, the Church  read it too.

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