Announcements: Book, Chapters and Talks

Announcements: Book, Chapters and Talks April 6, 2016

Announcements: Books, Chapters and Talks

I am very pleased to announce that the Second Edition (revised and enlarged) of The Mosaic of Christian Belief: Twenty Centuries of Unity and Diversity is “in the warehouse” at InterVarsity Press and should now be available for purchase directly from IVP or from a book reseller such as Amazon (which is still saying its publication date is May 1). I went through the first edition with the proverbial “fine toothed comb” correcting errors and revising some statements. The main change, however, is a major new chapter on the Holy Spirit. Over the years the lack of an entire chapter on the Holy Spirit has been a major criticism of the book—even from non-charismatics. (See cover image below….)

I am also pleased to announce that my Logos Mobile Ed “bundle” “Introducing Historical Theology” is on “pre-pub” (whatever that means exactly). A year ago I spent a week in beautiful Bellingham, Washington where an early Spring was in full bloom recording this (what used to be called) “course in a box” for FaithLife. The product page with course details and promo videos is available at

Also, my substantial chapter “The Fragmentation of Evangelical Theology” in the volume The Future of Evangelicalism in America edited by Mark Silk and Candy Brown will soon be published by Columbia University Press. Amazon is dating its publication as May 10, but it hopefully will be available before then. One outside reviewer of my chapter, a professor of American Christianity, said it is one of the best pieces he has read about evangelical theology.

Finally, next week, April 13, I will be delivering the Maston Lectures at East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas. My lectures will be about the Kingdom of God as “critical principle” for Christian reformation of the churches and for Christian attitudes toward America.

People often ask me “What are you working on now?” Well, besides this blog (which is very time-consuming) I am editing the 14th edition of The Handbook of Denominations for Abingdon Press (The United Methodist Publishing House) and finishing editorial revisions of a book manuscript for Zondervan about what I call “narrative biblical metaphysics.” The book lacks a definite title. Its projected publication date is 2017. It is aimed at providing as full an exposition as possible of the “faith” part of “faith-learning integration”—a foundational project of much Christian higher education. There I also attempt to refute Alfred North Whitehead’s famous claim that Christianity is a religion searching for a metaphysic.


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