What It Means If You Remember…

What It Means If You Remember… April 28, 2017

What It Means If You Remember….


What were you in the 1950s/1960s if you remember:

1) Backyard Clubs

2) Singspirations (“Stop and let me tell you…”)

3) The Four Spiritual Laws

4) The Sugar Creek Gang

5) Flannel Graphs

6) Chalk Talks

7) “Tips for Teens”

8) The Palermo Brothers

9) Campus Life Clubs

10) “Sword Drills”

11) Promise Boxes

12) Hoping the rapture won’t happen until…

13) “Banquet” in place of “Prom”

14) Thurlow Spurr and the Spurrlows

15) Watching “Through Gates of Splendor” and hoping you’re not “called to the mission field”

No cheating! Don’t “google” them (before answering)! (Snarky responses will be ignored.)

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