A Personal Note for Those Who Are Interested…

A Personal Note for Those Who Are Interested… May 26, 2017

Dear Blog Friends (and Others):

There are times throughout the year when, for a period of time, my schedule changes dramatically and I am simply not able to keep up with my blog. I apologize if that causes anyone any distress or consternation.

This is one of those times.

But I do still usually find moments when I can glance at comments and respond. Usually, during these times, I cannot respond with as much depth or detail as I normally try to.

During these times I try to adjust my consciousness and focus less on controversies and more on “being in the moment” with people I’m with.

Thanks for your understanding and please “stand by” for my return to the usual routine.

In the meantime, please enjoy with me an old gospel song that has been much on my mind: “To be like Jesus, to be like Jesus; all I ask is to be like Him. All through life’s journey, from earth to glory, all I ask is to be like Him.” That is my aspiration and I hope it is or can be yours, too.

Roger Olson

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