What Were You in the 1970s If You Remember…?

What Were You in the 1970s If You Remember…? October 11, 2018

What Were You in the 1970s If You Remember…?

Larry Norman and Keith Green

Washington for Jesus (1980)

Mike Yaconelli and Youth Specialties

The Other Side and the PostAmerican

Eternity magazine

Thief in the Night (movie)

Christian coffeehouses


Bill Gothard and Basic Youth Conflicts seminars

HIS magazine

”Key ‘73”

Rex Humbard and the birth of “televangelism”

Jesus People USA

Andre Crouch and the Disciples

Brian Ruud

Arthur Blessit

Tom Skinner

The Relational Revolution and Christian Encounter Groups

Camps Farthest Out

The Imperials with Russ Taff

Rock and Roll record burnings

The Moral Majority

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