Stopping the Mouths of Evangelicalism’s Critics

Stopping the Mouths of Evangelicalism’s Critics July 23, 2019

Stopping the Mouths of Evangelicalism’s Critics

I have said it before here many, many times and yet many of my readers, both evangelicals and non-evangelicals, simply do not seem to get it.

This blog is aimed solely (!) at those critics of evangelical Christianity who hold all evangelicals responsible for the rise of Trumpism.

The World Evangelical Alliance (and its predecessor organizations) has exited for at least a century. It includes sixty to eighty million evangelicals world wide. The WEA has a web site which you can easily reach by using any search engine.

Not all evangelicals are counted because the WEA has member organizations. I assume the National Association of Evangelicals (U.S.) is a member organization.

Evangelicalism is a world wide spiritual-theological, transdenominational ethos.

It is foolish to talk about “evangelicals” or “evangelicalism” as an American phenomenon.

Even if one concedes that a large number of American evangelicals have by and large temporarily lost their minds with regards to politics and AGA nationalism, that says NOTHING about evangelicalism itself which exists outside the U.S. in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Also, to a lesser extent but notably in Great Britain, Canada, and Australia.

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