Advice to Democrats about the Presidential Nomination

Advice to Democrats about the Presidential Nomination February 29, 2020

Who Should Be the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States? Advice to Democrats

Once again I will dare to go out on a limb (or thin ice) and strongly suggest to the Democratic Party, in this nominating cycle of state caucuses and primaries, that they do not nominate anyone except former Vice President Joe Biden. Stay with me.

I am not endorsing anyone for president or even for the Democratic nomination. I am not a member of any political party and have often voted for independents or third party candidates for president.

What I say here is only advice to the Democratic Party and its members and to independents who can and will vote in primaries.

Here is my message: There are millions of voters out there (among voting age American citizens) who will not vote if any current front-running candidate other than Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee. Why? Because all the other candidates are too liberal (or perceived to be too liberal) to draw them to the polls.

Again, I am not endorsing politician for anything! I am just offering good advice to the Democratic Party if it hopes to win the next presidential election!

*Sidebar: The opinions expressed here are my own (or those of the guest writer); I do not speak for any other person, group or organization; nor do I imply that the opinions expressed here reflect those of any other person, group or organization unless I say so specifically. Before commenting read the entire post and the “Note to commenters” at its end.*

There are millions of American voters will just stay at home in November, on election day, if Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttigieg or Elizabeth Warren is the Democratic candidate opposing Donald Trump. Biden is perceived as moderate compared with them—on a wide range of issues.

The one thing that should unite Democrats (and many others) is to remove Trump from office. Nothing should be seen as more important than that. I say to those supporters of Sanders, Buttigieg and Warren: imagine four more years of Trump as president, the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.

In my humble opinion, for whatever it is worth, that is what will happen if anyone but Biden is the Democratic nominee—solely because of the millions of Americans who will not vote at all if anyone but Biden is the Democratic nominee.

It is my personal opinion that during a second term of office Trump would believe that he has a mandate to “fix” America in radical ways that lean toward tyranny. That is what I believe I see in his character—a love of power and a kind of narcissism that, especially combined, scare me. I am not talking about policies here; I am talking about personality and character and mindset.

But when it comes to the Democratic candidates (during the primary season) I am talking about policies. Only Biden has avoided saying things that will absolutely turn away moderate voters. He may be just as liberal as his opponents, but he does not have that image.

So, in sum, I am just offering the Democrats advice. I believe you will lose the election to Trump if you nominate anyone but Biden because if you nominate anyone else (who is running now) millions upon millions of voters will stay home because they will feel paralyzed and will not be able to choose between Trump and (for example) Sanders.

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