Excellent Historical Documentaries about Christians in 1930s Germany

Excellent Historical Documentaries about Christians in 1930s Germany August 20, 2020

Excellent Historical Documentaries about Christians in 1930s Germany

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Paraphrasing philosopher George Santayana: Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. Here are three excellent, relatively brief documentaries about Germany in the 1930s—how Hitler came to power and how German Christians supported him—including some notable theologians.

Please watch them and comment on them. They are all readily available on Youtube:

How Hitler Gained Absolute Power In Germany | Impossible Peace | Timeline

German Christianity and the Third Reich | Hearts Divided | (WW2 Christianity Documentary) | Timeline

Theologians Under Hitler (Religious Belief Documentary) | Timeline

Democracy does not endure by itself; what happened in Germany in the 1930s can happen anywhere. The key ingredients are: fear of an enemy (real or imagined), extreme nationalism, lack of suspicion of people with power, and people who could speak out with influence not doing so until it is too late.

The second documentary above features one of my favorite Christian ethicists, Glen Stassen.

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