The Needed Next Step in Empowering Women and Improving the World

The Needed Next Step in Empowering Women and Improving the World August 27, 2020

The Needed Next Step in Empowering Women and Improving the World

One hundred years ago women finally achieved the right to vote in the United States. One hundred years later women still form a tiny minority of government leaders in the U.S. There exists an imbalance of power; men hold most of the power. The rise of women is notable and to be celebrated, but it is still not enough. What we need, I propose, is a true balance of men and women in governments throughout the U.S.

I do not know how this can be achieved except by means of a constitutional amendment. Let us amend the U.S. Constitution such that every branch of government at every level—from the federal down to the local—must be composed of at least as many women as men. I propose that this amendment have a sunset clause of ten years. At the end of the ten years (from the time the amendment goes into effect) the requirement ends.

I do not think it will be in the common interest to keep such a requirement going forever. My proposal is simply aimed at leveling the playing field and discovering, for a decade, how empowering women equally with men will affect our social order.

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A few years ago, here, I half seriously proposed that for ten years ONLY women be allowed to lead in government. I still think that would be a very interesting social experiment. However, I doubt that it could happen and, if it did, there might be a rebellion by men. We don’t need that.

During the ten years of my present proposed social experiment men would be allowed to speak influentially into the public, political, government realm, run for political office, serve as elected and appointed leaders, but only up to a percentage in each government entity equal to that of women.

Something like this is already the case in the private sector in some Scandinavian countries where law requires that governing boards of corporations be composed equally of men and women.

Here in the U.S. we are making progress in this direction, but not fast enough. We are in a mess—politically and socially. Men have largely bungled things; it’s time to find out if women with power can fix our seemingly hopelessly broken political system.

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