Hitler’s “Trial” and His Successful Denials

Hitler’s “Trial” and His Successful Denials February 17, 2021

Hitler’s “Trial” and His Successful Denials…

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I recently watched a fascinating documentary (on Youtube) that informed me (convincingly) about some matters related to Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany that I did not know before. I thought I knew everything, but this report came as a surprise to me.

Here is the information dramatically shared and reenacted in the documentary:

When Hitler was coming to power as Chancellor of Germany a German state prosecutor filed some kind of charge against him for inciting violence because everyone knew the Brown Shirts (the SA) (a kind of paramilitary organization informally and unofficially related to the Nazi Party at that time) were assaulting and even killing people on German streets believing that Hitler and the Nazi Party wanted that.

Most scholars of those times, place and events now agree that, although Hitler had qualms about the Brown Shirts and eventually eliminated them for political reasons, throughout the 1920s they were under his influence if not his command. They were inspired by him and organized by his top followers.

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The documentary showed how the prosecutor forced Hitler, then Chancellor of Germany, to testify under oath and on the record. Hitler vehemently denied any responsibility for the Brown Shirts’ violent actions and attempted to distance himself from them. The prosecutor brought forth strong evidence that Hitler and the Brown Shirts’ actions could not be separated; the Brown Shirts had every reason to think their violence was what Hitler wanted.

During Hitler’s testimony the prosecutor kept at him with ever more evidence and argument and eventually Hitler blew up at the prosecutor from the witness box—berating him and yelling at him. Still, the judges failed to convict Hitler of inciting the Brown Shirts’ rioting and bullying and even killing people on German streets.

Everyone now knows that Hitler was the instigator of the Brown Shirts’ violent behaviors even though the “paper trail” is ambiguous. Hitler was a master manipulator—getting people to carry out his wishes without leaving a trail of undeniable evidence.

The prosecutor was killed during the Night of the Long Knives—along with hundreds of other dissidents—including the leader of the Brown Shirts! To this day there is no clear proof that Hitler ordered those killings. But all know they were carried out at his implicit commands.

Had Hitler been put on trial at the Nuremburg Trials he would have been convicted of crimes against humanity and yet, oddly enough, there exists very little hard evidence against him—in terms of documents signed by him. And yet everyone knows that he was the instigator of all the horrors of Europe during his reign as Der Führer.

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