Let’s Talk Theology: Questions Invited

Let’s Talk Theology: Questions Invited October 15, 2021

Let’s Talk Theology: Questions Invited

Recently unusual life events have slowed down my work on this blog, especially composing new blog essays about new topics.

I have long wanted to be an Advice Columnist—but about something I know about. “Lonely hearts?” Not really.

What I consider myself an expert in is religion, especially Christian theology, but also cults and unusual forms of Christianity—ones that are not well known by the masses, the people in the pews and even in the pulpits.

Here I invite your help. As a question about Christianity. I will select ones to answer. Please keep your question brief and, of course, as always, not argumentative or hostile. Imagine yourself sitting with me in my office. What would you like to ask me? I will not post here questions I cannot or will not answer. I will select ones that I believe I can answer with a degree of competence.

For those of you who do not know, I hold four degrees in religion and theology—B.A., M.A., another M.A., and a Ph.D. My Ph.D is from Rice University. I also studied theology with German Lutheran theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg in Munich. And I have taught Christian theology (and cognate subjects) in four universities over forty years. And I have written about 20 books on the subject(s).

So, if you feel inclined, ask away! I will select one question to answer every two or three days. I will keep my answers relatively brief and as uncomplicated as possible.

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