Christians Against Christian Nationalism

Christians Against Christian Nationalism December 6, 2022

Christians against Christian Nationalism

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I have now followed the suggestion of two or three readers here and signed online the Statement of the organization Christians against Christian Nationalism. For those of you who claim not to know what Christian Nationalism is, go to their web site and read the statement. (Just “google” it to find it.)

I was pleased to see one of my former student’s picture and name there. He’s now a “big shot” among Baptists in Texas.

However…I wonder if the leaders of Christians against Christian Nationalism will remove my signature if they read this:

While I agree totally that America should be a country with total freedom of religion, I am not enthused about unlimited pluralism. Would they, would I, would you want a Satanist to be in Congress or the White House? A Scientologist? A militant Muslim who believes Islamic law should be imposed anywhere in America?

I am not in favor of persecuting anyone for their beliefs, but I do think unlimited pluralism undermines any community. For there to be community, there has to be some shared values. Until relatively recently, anyway, our American shared values have been rooted in the “biblical religions,” especially Christianity and Judaism. That is at least one reason WHY we decided, as a nation, not to persecute people because of their beliefs; we have traditionally believed in the special dignity and worth of every individual including his or her freedoms of though and speech. Not all religions or belief-systems have the foundations for such freedoms.

Again, and just to be clear, I am not suggesting that anyone be persecuting or excluded from any public space or government office or treating unequally solely because of their beliefs. What I am suggesting is that the “road” to unlimited pluralism may well lead to the eventual dissolution of America as we have known it—a diverse community with a center of gravity rooted in belief in the God of the Bible as the giver of human dignity, worth, value and freedom.

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