February 12, 2024

It isn’t 2024; Jesus wasn’t born in 1 A.D.; and the world won’t end in 2024.- or any time soon.  A.D. comes from the Latin “Anno Domini” means “the year of our Lord” so when we say 2024 whether we know it or not, we’re employing the Christian calendar and we’re saying “the Year of Our Lord 2028 or 2030 A.D. (CE).”  B.C. comes from the English “Before Christ.”  Wait a minute Roger, did you say that “Jesus wasn’t born... Read more

December 21, 2023

The Vatican is now allowing priests to conduct blessings for same-sex couples. I posted about this yesterday on Facebook, sharing an article from CNN and simply including my go-to remark – “Atta Pope!”-  whenever the current pontiff offers words or policy change in positive directions. As a Protestant pastor and proponent of progressive Christianity I feel it is my role to be a cheerleader for progressive change wherever it takes place. However, this is not just some mere “baby step” in... Read more

May 11, 2023

 “…Women such as Julia Ward Howe, Anna Jarvis, and Anna Jarvis “Jr.”  [the originators of Mothers Day] really ought to be more familiar to us.  In some ways, I feel like being a bit of a party-pooper for reminding us of the overtly radical and political origins of this special day. I mean, there’s “nothing more American than baseball, apple pie, and mom.” Why politicize it? Well, because it is political. It is radical. And it is subversive. Sadly, the holiday was co-opted by commercial forces. Anna Jarvis was devastated,... Read more

April 23, 2023

Our planet is not well. That’s an understatement. The Earth is in a state of crisis. Human aggravated global warming/climate change is a real and present danger. The frequency and severity of storms, flooding, and wildfires around the world is increasing. We Are to Blame. “Human activities have caused the world’s wildlife populations to plummet by more than two-thirds in the last 50 years, according to a report from the World Wildlife Fund.” Globally between September 2020 and February 2021, 12.5 million people were... Read more

April 3, 2023

  The new book that I’ve written is a paradox. The topics it covers, and what I have to say about them, are subjective. How this book lands on people depends very much upon which context and subculture they’re part of. For some members of our society, what I’ve written may land with a nonchalant, “Yeah, that sounds right.” Other folks will experience it with a sense of elated pleasant surprise – “Can you imagine – a Christian pastor saying... Read more

March 16, 2023

…Another contemplative spiritual practice that works well in tandem with centering prayer is LECTIO DIVINA – Latin for “Divine Reading.”  What I’m about to say may be new to many – including many Christians: one can do Lectio Divina, a divine reading, of any sort of text – not just the Bible. I want to put this out there first to help those whose eyes might normally glaze over when coming across something that seems to be “about the Bible.”... Read more

March 6, 2023

A time-honored spiritual practice within the Abrahamic family of religions is FASTING. There are certain special times of the year where fasting is particularly encouraged – the holy days of Yom Kippur, Lent, and Ramadan. In my experience, a higher percentage of Jews and Muslims take those established fasting days seriously. Many Christians only fast one day a year, if at all. That said, there are quite a few Christians who do fast during Lent, or at least who fast... Read more

February 14, 2023

“Good orthodoxy leads to good orthopraxy” is a common aphorism wielded among conservative evangelical and fundamentalist Christians. It’s frequently worded in a more aggressive manner: “without proper orthodoxy, there can be no proper Christian discipleship.” These claims intend to convey that unless people believe certain doctrines and dogmas – and in a literal way – they are incapable of engaging in doing good in the world. Moreover, such declarations also seek to convey that if, for some freakish reason, some... Read more

February 7, 2023

One feature of contemplative Christianity is an embracing of Mystery – the notion that God is somehow bigger than words can convey; and a way of quiet, reverent, stillness in the presence of the Divine fosters encounter with this Divine mystery. The most common form of this is known as CENTERING PRAYER. It draws from practices from the Desert Fathers and Mothers, the medieval text The Cloud of Unknowing, and is inspired by Psalm 46:10 – “be still and know... Read more

October 31, 2022

“Hi. My name is Roger, and I’m a progressive Christian.”  Apparently, those are fightin’ words that necessarily lead to estrangement, inquisition, and scapegoating when heard by evangelical Christians. Evangelicalism became the mainstream form of Christianity in the U.S. starting in the 1980s and they’ve rather enjoyed their time in the Sun – and aren’t at all happy to be losing their transient and fleeting clout and status. I’ve been in ministry serving as a pastor in the United Methodist Church... Read more

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