EarthMamaGaiaGoddess April 19, 2018

Planet Earth is at risk. It is actively under attack and there is much blame to go around. It’d be easy to point numerous fingers at the abhorrent policies coming from a certain administration – really easy – but the truth is we’re all complicit. Another truth is that “It is better promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.”

With this in mind, I offer a poem to help inspire more of us, and perhaps especially men, to step up to more fully love and cherish the Earth – and to rise into being protective lovers, stewards, and guardians of the planet we are blessed to live on.


.. in Whom I live and move and have my being
You are Rechem– you are Womb –my most intimate Love

Let me know you hot
let me know you cold

Let me know you young
let me know you old

Tell me the stories behind each of your laugh-lined spider webs

– your delightfully sun-kissed river beds of wrinkles.
Let me dip in your dancing brooks
let me fjord your streams, and press up your current

let me know – really know–  your waters
not just to float along them when they lazily saunter and luxuriously meander
but so I can hold on for my very life when their rapids rage and the caps whiten in your violent storms

let me sail across your lakes
let me dive deep into your ocean
let me know your tides – high and low,
let me know your moons – new, sliver, and full

Let me climb your magnificent mountains

let me gasp their thin air

Let me take comfort in your terraand let me be strong in your firma–meant for me to vigorously leap and bound.

Don’t shelter me from your harsh weather
let me rake and reel, fear and feel.
Let me feel gratefully your yes
let me feel firmly your no.

Let my tongue-tip taste your lava
let it taste your snow.

Allow my hands to run through your fields, let me feel the wheat
let my fingers slip through your tall grass

Let my toes get lost in your woods and forests.

Allow me to trace my fingertips along your topographic Temple
let them circumnavigate your globes, sensing all of your bumps and curves

permit me to feel your moist and mossy stones
let me dip into your hot spring    let your warmth pour, slip, surround
Let me spelunk and bring gentle light into your ambrosial caverns
let me kiss deeply, probing your every nook and cranny
let me savor your pungent subterraneangarden abloom

Let me breathe in your aromatic and life-giving compost and decay

let me walk upon your shores, let me play in your jungles.
Let me race across your salt

Let me protect you
let me serve you
let me cherish and revere you.

You are my womb and my tomb
my beginning and my end
You beck. I call.

Earth Mama – all in all.

XX – Roger
author, Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don’t like christianity

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