The Soulful Scribe

The Soulful Scribe April 13, 2018

The sacred art of scribing is a practice I’ve relied on since childhood. My journals throughout the years have become cherished vessels, containers to hold the stories of my life’s journey. Journaling becomes sacred through the journal-keeper’s commitment to her sacred practice as she contemplates, scribes and responds to whatever the day or the moment presents.

Writing our stories at day’s end or often in the middle of the night, assures me that I won’t forget my learned craft, the sacred art of scribing.         Ink and Honey

A Soulful Scribe incorporates prayer, ritual and intention to inspire her sacred journal practice. Goscelin, the medieval scribe in my novel, Ink and Honey, is tutored and mentored by a monk to learn the craft of scribing and illumination of manuscripts, tomes of ancient wisdom known as Dominions and Graces in the story. She is dedicated to her practice of scribing as she copies and studies the mystical texts. Goscelin eventually becomes the scribe for her community, the Sisterhood of Belle Coeur.

Medieval manuscripts have always held a particular fascination for me. Illuminations enliven the pages and reflect the ancient craft of scribing and illuminating. The meticulous illuminations (illustrated) appear as the exquisite and colorful expressions of calligraphy and illustrated flora, fauna, animals, saints, and angels that bless the parchment pages of ancient texts.

Scribing differs from writing, as it requires the scribe to s l o w  d o w n. The invitation is to contemplate the topic or focus before writing about it. Contemplation and scribing complement one another. Contemplation inspires and informs what is written. Often what is recorded in the journal begs a question or informs the next right action and there is a call to respond. The Soulful Scribe Triune Process™ (contemplate, scribe and respond) applies to journaling and also to other facets of life that require discernment.

Time seems to move at jet speed in our contemporary world. The contemporary pace of my world differs from the world of my heroine, Goscelin. The gentle rhythm of the sacred craft of soulful scribing connects the human spirit with the Divine Presence in co-creation. The pen moves across the page and as marks are made upon the paper, the soul is nourished with the telling of the story, the expression of a poem, or the creation of a doodle or sketch.

The blessing of being a Soulful Scribe, as I experience it, is the spaciousness created within and surrounding me when I choose to shift gears from “doing” to “being”…from scheduled, fast-paced Chronos time to the expansive and life-giving peace of Kairos time. I light my candle, offer my prayer of intention, contemplate a reading or a question for the day, open my journal to a blank page, pick up my pen and scribe my reflections. Afterwards, I’m often called to respond through art-making, right action, or simply resting within a deepening sense of inquiry and curiosity. My awareness quickens, and I feel held within the Divine Presence. Inspirations arise and as I close my practice for the day, I feel at peace and grounded in God’s Love.

Are you a Soulful Scribe?

How does your journal practice inform your life?


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