Sacred Ancestral Wisdom

Sacred Ancestral Wisdom May 4, 2018

You’re never alone, even in what you think are your weakest moments. You have thousands of years of powerful ancestors within you, the love of the Divine Great One in you, supreme intellect and royalty in you. Infinite strength is always on tap for you…    Author Unknown

Aging holds an invitation to reflect upon the sources of accrued wisdom that arrives during a lifetime. Recently, I’ve been contemplating my connection with the spirits of my ancestors upon discovering a box filled with old family photos and letters from deceased beloveds. These tangible gifts from the past remind me of my spiritual bond with those who informed the development of my values, beliefs and collective wisdom.

I have created a small altar in my workspace to honor my ancestors. My homage, my ancestral tableau to my maternal grandmother, aunts, favorite uncle, and my father represents Our shared stories, conversations, and moments in time. The simple, little altar reflects the sepia colored memories within my heart and spirit. My mother, at age ninety-two, is still on the earth and soon she will join the spirits of our ancestors on the other side of the veil. Meanwhile, our frequent conversations continue to fortify our spiritual connection that will one day transcend space and time. I am reminded to cherish those who remain and to savor the moments we spend together.

My morning sacred practice also nurtures me as I age. In my melancholy, a memory arises and I contemplate the story and wisdom that’s contained within it. I close my eyes and prayerfully  recall the spirits of family members who have made the crossing. I speak their names aloud in a litany of remembrance. Afterwards, I put my pen to a fresh journal page and record whatever thoughts arise.

There are certain times of year, especially in the autumn, when I sense the thinning of the veil that is the boundary between the worlds. I look forward to the changing seasons, as time flows like a river and carries me along through my life’s journey. I’m grateful to the spirits of my ancestors for the wisdom, guidance, and inspiration they continue to share.

What are the ancestral stories that inform your life?

Have you received inspiration from the spiritual realm when the veil is thin?

If you created an altar to your ancestors, what would you include?

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