Are Today’s Men Courageous? Tackling a Tough Issue Before the Big Game

Are Today’s Men Courageous? Tackling a Tough Issue Before the Big Game January 30, 2013

Before tackling a bowl of chips in front of the widescreen this Sunday, thousands of men will be training for a challenge bigger than the Super Bowl—the challenge of courageous manhood. As part of a nationwide Stepping Up Super Saturday event on Saturday, February 2, men will huddle up in churches and living rooms across the country to examine biblical manhood and discover how to reconnect with their responsibilities as sons, fathers, and husbands.

As mainstream culture replaces the traditional man’s role of family breadwinner, disciplinarian and head-of-household with blurred gender roles, the challenges of caring for children, sharing in housework and seeking work-life balance, many men have been left confused about their true, God-given purpose.

FamilyLife created this Stepping Up event to help men who feel like they are being blitzed by life to reconsider what it really means “to be a man.” The event brings men together to discuss the unique challenges, opportunities and responsibilities men face throughout each stage of life and help them develop a game plan for Christ-centric, godly living.

FamilyLife founder Dennis Rainey says the Stepping Up is about men being intentional.

“There’s just too much turbulence out there to rely on autopilot. We can’t afford to drift from one day to the next, one decision to the next, one assignment to the next and expect to be successful. We will fail, or at the very least under-deliver as a husband, a father and a friend, if we are always in reactive mode. If life is to have a purpose, then we must live it purposefully.”

This one-day, nationwide video event, to be held in churches and living rooms across the country this Saturday, includes DVD messages, group interaction and personal reflections from top Christian leaders including Dennis Rainey, Matt Chandler, Bill Bennett, James MacDonald, Voddie Baucham, Mark Driscoll, Crawford Loritts and others. To find out where an event is in your area, visit the Men Stepping Up Facebook page and follow @MenSteppingUp on Twitter. You can host your own Stepping Up event in your home or church on Super Saturday or any time. Visit to purchase a complete event kit.

Courageous men on the field are so because they are prepared for battle. Courageous men of God are so because they spend time preparing for the ultimate battle—spiritually.

Do you think today’s men are properly equipped for the challenges of our modern-day culture wars?

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