A Moving Interlude of Sand Animation

A Moving Interlude of Sand Animation January 9, 2013

It is the first week of classes for the spring semester. Cold. It is also the week of my first formal tenure and promotion review. A busy week. In the middle of it, my dear friend and mentor, Tim Leonard, sent me a gift via e-mail. The YouTube clip below. I am using for my course tonight and share it here as an “I’ll be right back,” while I am away from the keyboard and blogging.

Animation has to do with the soul; to animate is to give life, Spirit. To ensoul. This soulful sand animation performance does that.

If you have nine minutes to cry and feel human and be washed over by love and tragedy and history and war and mystery, if you have some time to feel the presence and absence of God, the grace of beauty and the power of art, then please watch — and perhaps even pray with — this moving video:


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