Must reads!

Must reads! March 11, 2013

Lots of posts that I want to share this week. I hope you’ll check them out, as they are all important! They discuss a wide variety of topics, from God, to rape culture, to The Wizard of Oz, to racism/homophobia, to the dangers of fraternizing with bears.

“For most of my Christian experience, I’ve only ever heard God described in verbs. Very busy verbs.”

“If you want to know why we need to educate men not to be sexually aggressive, look no further than what happened when Zerlina Maxwell went on television to say that we need to educate men how not to be sexually aggressive.”

“But one can’t help feeling that ‘Great and Powerful’ is two steps back from the feminist bent Baum proudly and freely lent his work, and in a day and age when there wasn’t even a label for it.”

To be a victim does not mean that you lack agency as part of your essence; it means that someone attempted to deny your agency in inflicting harm, in rendering you less powerful or even essentially powerless.”

“And right then I knew that I was tired of good people, that I had had all the good people I could take.”

“Though I grieve I cannot ever go back. The steak is a lie.”

“The combination of patriarchal gender roles, purity culture, and authoritarian clergy that characterizes Sovereign Grace’s teachings on parenting, marriage, and sexuality creates an environment where women and children—especially girls—are uniquely vulnerable to abuse.

A gay, black mayoral candidate killed last week in Mississippi was beaten, dragged and set on fire before his body was dumped near a river.”

“I was unmarried, pregnant and they took away my livelihood. San Diego Christian College did not show any mercy or grace towards me.

“A church in which a woman’s voice is not welcomed is a church with incredibly limited mobility in the kingdom of God. It can limp, at best, but it will never run.”

“This attempt to anthropomorphize and humanize bears strikes at the heart of everything the gospel teaches about bears.

Damsel’d women are being acted upon, most often being reduced to a prize to be won, a treasure to be found, or a goal to be achieved.

Here's a cat that rocks. (picture taken by my sister, Sam Moon)
Here’s a cat that rocks. (picture taken by my sister, Sam Moon)
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  • Literary nerd time! 😀

    Re: the article on Oz the Great and Powerful, I didn’t see the Oz books as straightforwardly pro-feminist as Elizabeth Rappe did. General Jinjur from The Marvelous Land of Oz comes across as a caricature of patriarchal stereotypes and fears about feminism. She attacks the Emerald City betting on the fact that men won’t fight against a girl, especially a *pretty* girl. Her reason for attacking it in the first place is because the men are using gold and jewels for silly things like building a city when they could be better put to use making lavish gowns for Jinjur and her all-girl army. Here’s the General’s empowering call to arms:

    “Friends, fellow-citizens, and girls!” she said; “we are about to begin our great Revolt against the men of Oz! We march to conquer the Emerald City—to dethrone the Scarecrow King—to acquire thousands of gorgeous gems—to rifle the royal treasury—and to obtain power over our former oppressors!”

    “Hurrah!” said those who had listened; but Tip thought most of the Army was too much engaged in chattering to pay attention to the words of the General.

    The Scarecrow somewhat accurately describes the state of the Emerald City thus when he asks Glinda for help:

    “I beg to announce to your glorious highness,” began the Scarecrow, in a solemn voice, “that my Emerald City has been overrun by a crowd of impudent girls with knitting-needles, who have enslaved all the men, robbed the streets and public buildings of all their emerald jewels, and usurped my throne.”

    Ridiculous straw feminism aside, though, The Marvelous Land of Oz is still worth a read because, I kid you not, it stars a transgender heroine.

  • Seriously, someone needs to speak out about bears. 🙂

  • I love that quote – “For most of my Christian experience, I’ve only ever heard God described in verbs. Very busy verbs.”.
    Awesome blog

  • Sarah, thanks for the shout out to the bear article. I really want to make sure people hear the TRUTH ABOUT BABY BEAR! You’re awesome.