Shame on the NY Times!

Shame on the NY Times! January 7, 2018

Shame on the NY Times for making Thomas S Monson’s death into a political rant.


It is apparent that one NY Times obituary writer is vying for an editorial position. What should have been a sweet and sentimental farewell to a Godly man who spent his whole life serving others, turned into a political rant. He mentioned the greatest challenges to the Mormon religion before even acknowledging President Monson’s age at his passing. I’ve never seen a more flagrant misuse of an obituary in my life.


Thomas S. Monson, Prophet of the Mormon Church
Thomas S. Monson, Prophet of the Mormon Church

I used to respect the NY Times. I felt they held up to a standard of journalism that we could be proud of. No longer. It is now clear that the NY Times is no better than the Rag Mags you see at the grocery store checkout. You know them, they are the ones with questionable news and obvious political agendas. They usually report UFO sightings too.


When a great man dies, we remember him for the good things he has done. We don’t use that platform, given in trust, to complain about things we think should have been done in their lifetime. Usually, the family of the dearly departed writes the obituary. But in this case, it seems the obituary department had other plans.


It is clear to me that the New York Times editors are asleep at the wheel. Because this was no obituary. This was an attempt to condemn the Mormon Church, decry its beliefs, and ultimately make the man who led it responsibly in every way for every decision made while he served. The writer, Robert D McFadden, stopped short of calling for the end of Christianity as we know it. But I am sure he would have, had he felt he could get away with it.


Thomas Monson spent his life serving.
Thomas Monson spent his life serving.

It is clear that Mr. McFadden interviewed several people, or at the very least picked quotes out of previously published articles. But his personal agenda should have been put into another article, and not the obituary of the leader of a church that seeks to serve humanity.


Let’s be honest Mr. McFadden. If you had done as much as Thomas S. Monson for humanity, you would have deserved a decent obituary. At the very least. You complain that the Mormon Church has not embraced gay marriage. But most of the world is not a fan of gay marriage.


There are still countries that kill anyone found to be gay, pregnant outside of marriage or even peeing in public. The Mormon Church is quite loving and supportive of all of God’s children. There are simply some rules that can’t be bent for popular politics. Moses did not climb Mt Sinai to vote on the 10 commandments.


123d704a03af9aba0a0d921783629cacPersonally, I will be remembering Thomas S. Monson fondly. He always had a smile, and a wonderful story to share. His sense of humor and kindness to others is well known.


I’ll never forget learning that he had traveled home from a foreign country in only his bedroom slippers because he had given his shoes to a man who needed them. He had also left his second suit and dress shirt behind.


He often encouraged us to do what is right. He said: “May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.” Well now. That seems to be exactly what the NY Times is complaining about.


My applause to The Federalist, The Wire, and The Washington Examiner for calling out the NY Times.

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