The Kind of Friend L. Ron Hubbard Has Been to Me

The Kind of Friend L. Ron Hubbard Has Been to Me June 1, 2021

L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology—the only major religion to have been founded in the 20th century—would have turned 110 this year.

Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard

I’ve been reading, listening to and studying his works for some 40 years now.

It has been one of my most intimate friendships, albeit with a person I have never actually met.

I say “friendships” instead of “relationships” because I have been a grateful recipient of what have always amounted to warm and friendly communications from Ron—guiding, encouraging and validating.

I am not alone in feeling that way. Ron has many, many friends with more every hour of every day.

Not bad for someone who departed this life in 1986.

Whenever I feel dissatisfied, put upon, annoyed or beleaguered, I turned to Ron.

L. Ron Hubbard’s work offers so much that is either spiritually positive and uplifting, nuts-and-bolts practical, or both, that I never come away empty-handed.

I found out about Scientology in 1983 and used L. Ron Hubbard’s technology to pull myself out of the downward spiral of drugs. It was so effective and fast that I have continued to study Scientology and have used it to improve every area of my life.

His common-sense advice and processes have helped me steer past threats to my survival in incalculable ways, and helped me to create the kind of career, family and future that I’d always dreamed of.

L. Ron Hubbard’s lectures, in particular, are buoying and remarkable—not only for his prolific output (over 3,000 recorded lectures, delivered with hardly a hesitation or searching moment) but also for the contagious high spirit with which they are delivered.  I feel more energized, more focused and more myself after listening to Ron. Hearing his voice to me is always like hearing from a dear friend.

Some friendships a person outgrows with time, as one’s attitudes and circumstances change. But the best, longest-lasting ones continue to exchange meaningfully with us and enhance our lives. We wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Such a friend is L. Ron Hubbard to me.


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