How Long Has Fr. Frank Pavone Had that Fetus?

How Long Has Fr. Frank Pavone Had that Fetus? November 11, 2016

Image via Pixabay

Image via Pixabay

Mary Pezzulo posts the following observation from a reader. This is in reference to Fr. Frank Pavone’s pro-Trump video. (You know the one I mean, in which Fr. placed an aborted fetus on the altar of sacrifice and spoke on a political cause dear to his heart. Yes, that one.)

A dead baby VERY SIMILAR to this one was put on public display in Charlotte before the 2012 Democratic National Convention. When asked what happened to the baby’s remains after the “event,” which featured the baby in an open casket on the sidewalk outside a Catholic church … Fr. Pavone would not say anything other than that he has a memorial to the unborn in New York that his ministry manages. The reason I note the similarity … is that the bruising and discoloration are due to the effects of a saline abortion, a late-term abortion procedure no longer performed in the U.S. (Dilation & Curettage has been the preferred method since the mid-1990s.) More than one person involved with the Charlotte “event” told me the baby’s remains are kept in a container with formaldehyde, and that Fr. Pavone had custody of the container.

Vickie Armstrong also makes note of this curious detail.

And it is true. No doctor has performed a saline abortion in the U.S. since 1996. This is because of the risk of failed abortions. You can, if you choose, do a Google Image search of “saline abortion” and see for yourself what happens to a child. I won’t post the pictures here. But a saline abortion causes a distinctive, purplish-black discoloration of the entire body. The reason I note this is because the video that Fr. Pavone filmed on the eve of the election shows a child that looks just as one would who had been a victim of saline abortion. It was all very humane to the poor child. Yes?

Somewhere, in an article in the mainstream press (which I can’t find now), I read that the child was in fact a saline abortion victim. (If I later find the story, I will update this post with that link.)

text-indent: 30px;”>But since doctors have not performed a saline abortion in the U.S. since 1996, that raises the serious question of how long Fr. Pavone has had that fetus lying around.

I state very firmly here that I do not know the answer to that question, and I am not making any claims in that regard. But the question is a serious one and has merit. If—I emphasize “if”—Fr. Pavone has had that fetus for over 20 years and keeps it to trot out as a prop from time to time, that’s a very serious matter.

Fr. Pavone’s diocese is investigating him over this recent event. I should think that Bishop Zurek would want look into the question of how old that fetus is.

I hope these questions do not go away.


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