A Note about Catherine Lowe’s Instagram Post Yesterday

A Note about Catherine Lowe’s Instagram Post Yesterday April 2, 2015

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Social media. Is it a great way to connect with others or was it created by Satan himself? This is a question I often ask myself. 

Yesterday, my sweet wife posted what we both thought would be a funny April Fools prank on Instagram. She posted a picture of her stomach out as far as she could stretch it and wrote the caption “17 weeks”. Most people knew immediately that it was a joke of course and that she wasn’t really pregnant. 

Now let me give you some background on where this joke came from- on nearly every picture Catherine posts on Instagram, she gets flooded with comments from people who tell her she looks pregnant. We understand that many of these people have no ill intent and are genuinely just hoping that we’re pregnant because they want to see us start our family, and we totally get that. But at the same time, it would be really tough for any woman to hear that “she looks pregnant” on a daily basis when she’s not. (Yes, even if she looks like this.) So that was the genesis of yesterday’s post, it was playing off of the bombardment of pregnancy comments she reads every day and messing with those who post them. 

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