One Year of Sobriety: A Post by Bachelor Producer Elan Gale

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Below is a guest post by Bachelor producer — and friend — Elan Gale.  I’m proud of this guy and I love how transparent he is about his struggles.  May we all struggle so openly.  [Read more...]

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A Mind Blowing Tip to Calm Your Dog during a Thunderstorm


As I write this brief post, it’s raining hard here in Dallas and the rain is accompanied by booming thunder and lightning strikes. I heard this tip the other day that it’s the static electricity in the air that can freak out dogs during storms. The person who told me this told me to wipe a dryer sheet on my dog if she starts to panic or shake during a storm.  [Read more...]

Confessions of a College Slacker: My Biggest Regret


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Previously, I asked you guys to send me questions — you came through!  Here’s the fourth in a series in which I talk about the things you want to know!

I’ve had the opportunity to speak at a lot of schools and churches over the last few years, and it seems like every time I do Q&A, someone always asks me what my biggest regret in life has been. So today I thought I’d answer that question for everyone else.

My biggest regret is the way I handled my college years. For those of you who don’t know, I went to Kansas State University on a football scholarship. K-State is a school that has produced a lot of NFL players over the years and like most incoming freshman, I hoped that I might end up in the NFL as well. The only problem with that was, I was the classic case of a kid who didn’t handle his business like a man. Instead of devoting myself to getting better in every workout, drill, and practice, I did just enough to get by. To this day I can’t pinpoint why I handled myself the way I did except to say that I was immature. I wasn’t ready for the full-time job that college football is and I decided to take the easy route which lead to a disappointing career and a lifetime of regret.

Football wasn’t the only thing that I didn’t devote myself to while in school – I also slacked off in class. I was finally living on my own, 500 miles away from home and I didn’t have a parent to tell me to go to class or to study for mid-terms. I was on my own and I quickly realized that the professors don’t know if you’re absent when there’s three or four hundred people in their class. I skipped a lot of class and as a result got a lot of bad grades and missed out on a good education. Again, I’m going to have to chalk that up to being immature.

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On the Breakup of Chris and Whitney: 4 Reasons Why Bachelor Couples Rarely Work

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Many of you have asked me my thoughts about the recent breakup of Chris and Whitney. [Read more...]

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How My Date Night Went Terribly Wrong

Sean Lowe date night

I write the following post for no other reason than to show you guys that Catherine and I are normal. Well, relatively normal. We’re also pretty freakin’ weird but that’s for another post at another time. [Read more...]

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The 2 Bachelorette Format Showcases One Undeniable Truth about Confidence

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So last night was the premier of The Bachelorette and the very controversial 2 bachelorette format. You gotta hand it to the show, whether you like the idea or not, they refuse to grow stagnant. No matter whether you were on Team Kaitlyn or Team Britt, one thing was glaringly obvious as the show went on. [Read more...]

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My Advice to Creepers on The Bachelorette, Season 11


“For the right reasons”… what an overused cliche that is! And oh yeah, it’s also the title of my book. [Read more...]

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How Did I Become a Good Pet Owner? Answering Your Questions


Previously, I asked you guys to send me questions — you came through!  Here’s the second in a series in which I talk about the things you want to know!

If you know one thing about me that’s not Bachelor related, it’s probably that I love my two dogs Lola and Ellie. These two beautiful girls of mine have been with me now for eight and a half years. They are two weeks apart in age and I got them both when they were eight weeks old. I love telling people how much they love each other and how inseparable they are. It’s always funny when I take them to a crowded dog park filled with dozens of playful dogs and they never leave each other’s side. In my eight and a half years of having them, they’ve never snapped at or even growled at each other once. And my favorite cheesy party trick is giving Ellie the command to “kiss Lola” to which she will walk over and lick her sister in the face. As I said, I love my dogs. [Read more...]

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What Do I Do for a Living? Answering Your Questions

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Previously, I asked you guys to send me questions — you came through!  Here’s the second in a series in which I talk about the things you want to know!

Inevitably, on every mid-day Instagram picture I post, I’ll get a few “do you guys have jobs?” or “why don’t you work?” comments. Totally valid questions and today I am going to finally give you an answer: [Read more...]

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What I Did Wrong at College: Answering Your Questions

Harvard Campus in Fall

Previously, I asked you guys to send me questions — you came through!  Here’s the first in a series in which I talk about the things you want to know!

Alexis asks:

Q: Do you have life advice for Southern Christian teens who are about to go to an extremely liberal college? I’m excited to experience diversity, but in the midst of all that what are some ways I can stay sure of what I know to be truth?

A: College is tough no matter what. When I went to Kansas State, I thought I had a pretty good hold on my morality. But when I got there, I wasn’t really prepared for the demands of the KSU athletic department combined with the academic requirements. I didn’t keep up with both of them at the same time. In fact, I didn’t do a great job with keeping up with either!


Not sure if I’m the best person to answer this question… Maybe you can learn a bit from my mistakes.

1. Realize that your teachers probably won’t share your values. This is just a fact. If you are from a Southern Christian home, you will hold different opinions than your teachers. That’s okay. They aren’t necessarily smarter than you – they are just older than you and have more experience debating than you.
2. College is a place where anything goes. Not only will you be barraged with ideas that are different than the way you were raised, you will be presented with multiple opportunities to experience these different values with who-knows-who. Resist that temptation. In fact, researchers now say that young adults who engage in casual sexual activity are more likely to be depressed and to seriously consider suicide. Casual sex leads to poor mental health – in both guys and girls.

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