Still undecided – tell us your favorite baby names

Doc just told me our baby is bigger than average. My nervous smile looks a lot like my sweet smile. #24weeks

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As you may know, Catherine and I are keeping our baby names secret. [Read more…]

A confession now that we’re finally back home with 2 months before the baby arrives


Hey everyone! I’m sorry for the lack of blog posts these last couple of weeks. Catherine and I have been crazy busy with work, traveling and all things baby lately. The good news is that we’re done traveling now that Catherine is past the seven month mark so we’ll be home in Dallas until the baby arrives. [Read more…]

What we REALLY did on our “babymoon”

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As I wrote about HERE, we went all the way to Palm Springs to get away for a bit before the fun of parenting (and the responsibilities) begin. [Read more…]

What’s a “babymoon?” We’re about to find out.

Did you hear that Catherine is pregnant? Me too. Since learning this information, I was also made aware of this thing called a “babymoon.” Apparently the expecting couple is supposed to take a trip before the birth of their child. (I’m pretty sure women are holding secret meetings to come up with new ways to make the husband pay for things.) But nevertheless, I can’t be too mad at the babymoon. It will give me a good excuse to get away for a few days. [Read more…]

Pregnancy update – 7 months and counting

So many of you have been sweet enough to ask how Catherine and the baby are doing, so today I thought I’d give you a quick update. [Read more…]

3 PHOTOS: I Love My Little Family

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I love my little family. And Catherine loves her iPhone. [Read more…]

She’s Just So Adorable

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She’s just so freakin’ adorable. [Read more…]

My top 5 favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette travel destinations

Catherine ice castle

I’m asked all the time what my favorite travel destination were on The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Today I thought it’d be fun to give you my top 5. [Read more…]

Only MY strong-willed (stubborn) wife would decide to do this while pregnant

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Today, I want to brag on my wife a little bit. [Read more…]

Puppy breath is my drug of choice

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Puppy breath is my drug of choice. Thanks to @rogershealy for being my dealer. [Read more…]