The 2 Bachelorette Format Showcases One Undeniable Truth about Confidence

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So last night was the premier of The Bachelorette and the very controversial 2 bachelorette format. You gotta hand it to the show, whether you like the idea or not, they refuse to grow stagnant. No matter whether you were on Team Kaitlyn or Team Britt, one thing was glaringly obvious as the show went on. [Read more...]

My Advice to Creepers on The Bachelorette, Season 11


“For the right reasons”… what an overused cliche that is! And oh yeah, it’s also the title of my book. [Read more...]

How Did I Become a Good Pet Owner? Answering Your Questions


Previously, I asked you guys to send me questions — you came through!  Here’s the second in a series in which I talk about the things you want to know!

If you know one thing about me that’s not Bachelor related, it’s probably that I love my two dogs Lola and Ellie. These two beautiful girls of mine have been with me now for eight and a half years. They are two weeks apart in age and I got them both when they were eight weeks old. I love telling people how much they love each other and how inseparable they are. It’s always funny when I take them to a crowded dog park filled with dozens of playful dogs and they never leave each other’s side. In my eight and a half years of having them, they’ve never snapped at or even growled at each other once. And my favorite cheesy party trick is giving Ellie the command to “kiss Lola” to which she will walk over and lick her sister in the face. As I said, I love my dogs. [Read more...]

What Do I Do for a Living? Answering Your Questions

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Previously, I asked you guys to send me questions — you came through!  Here’s the second in a series in which I talk about the things you want to know!

Inevitably, on every mid-day Instagram picture I post, I’ll get a few “do you guys have jobs?” or “why don’t you work?” comments. Totally valid questions and today I am going to finally give you an answer: [Read more...]

What I Did Wrong at College: Answering Your Questions

Harvard Campus in Fall

Previously, I asked you guys to send me questions — you came through!  Here’s the first in a series in which I talk about the things you want to know!

Alexis asks:

Q: Do you have life advice for Southern Christian teens who are about to go to an extremely liberal college? I’m excited to experience diversity, but in the midst of all that what are some ways I can stay sure of what I know to be truth?

A: College is tough no matter what. When I went to Kansas State, I thought I had a pretty good hold on my morality. But when I got there, I wasn’t really prepared for the demands of the KSU athletic department combined with the academic requirements. I didn’t keep up with both of them at the same time. In fact, I didn’t do a great job with keeping up with either!


Not sure if I’m the best person to answer this question… Maybe you can learn a bit from my mistakes.

1. Realize that your teachers probably won’t share your values. This is just a fact. If you are from a Southern Christian home, you will hold different opinions than your teachers. That’s okay. They aren’t necessarily smarter than you – they are just older than you and have more experience debating than you.
2. College is a place where anything goes. Not only will you be barraged with ideas that are different than the way you were raised, you will be presented with multiple opportunities to experience these different values with who-knows-who. Resist that temptation. In fact, researchers now say that young adults who engage in casual sexual activity are more likely to be depressed and to seriously consider suicide. Casual sex leads to poor mental health – in both guys and girls.
3. Get connected with a vibrant Christian fellowship. This is something I didn’t do. Seek out an on campus Christian group and establish your friends within it. A good suggestion is Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, but there are probably many on your campus that will provide a good place to find friends who share your beliefs.
4. Stay in the Word. If I learned anything from my grandfather, it was this: read your Bible. Read your Bible. Read your Bible!

Lastly, view this opportunity as a challenge. It’s not a bad thing that you are in the minority as a Christian. It is an opportunity- an opportunity to share his love with people who wouldn’t hear about it otherwise.

Have fun!

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Let’s Talk – Send Me Your Questions and Comments

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 1.36.44 PMOne of my favorite things about having a blog is being able to communicate with you in more than 140 characters or less. [Read more...]

What’s More Important to Manny Pacquiao than Winning a Fight?

Any fight fan (even the most casual sports fan) knew about the Mayweather – Pacquiao fight on Saturday night. It was called the fight of the century, and the world was watching.

You bet I forked over the pay-per-view to see it… I order most fights anyway so you know I wouldn’t miss this one!”

But what I find even cooler than the fight itself is this: Manny Pacquiao’s character. [Read more...]

What We Did This Week to Celebrate Catherine’s Birthday… and More!


This week has been pretty incredible. It started with Catherine and I jumping on a plane to Orlando so that we could help celebrate the grand opening of the Orlando Eye (a giant, 400 foot ferris wheel). During the grand opening celebration, we had the honor of presenting a young girl from Make a Wish a check for $30,000. Not only that, we spent Catherine’s birthday at Disney World.  [Read more...]

One Way to Find Joy and Keep It

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Isn’t it crazy that in our wealthy, prosperous, abundantly-blessed American lives, we can still struggle with joy? [Read more...]

Inspiration from Arie at the Texas Motor Speedway

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Saturday night I had the chance to watch my good friend and former Bachelorette cast-mate Arie Luyendyk Jr. race his Torc Off-Road truck at the Texas Motor Speedway. I had no idea I would enjoy it so much! I’ve never been to any type of auto race so the whole experience was new for me. Not only was it fun to watch but there was something really cool about watching my friend pursue his passion.  [Read more...]