A Girl’s Santa Wish List

A Girl’s Santa Wish List December 12, 2013

A Father: Who will protect me, guide me, encourage me, love me, and show me how to interact with good men.

Photo by Craig Ross

A Mom: Who will listen to my heart, who will support me, love me, and pour good feminine energy into me.

Mentors: Women who will walk beside me and ahead of me, modeling for me what a good woman looks like, encouraging me, challenging me, and stretching me along the way.

A School: That understands how my girl brain works and shapes my education accordingly, to help me be all that God created me to be.

A Church: That understands how my girl brain hears the call of Jesus and equips me to follow him as the Image of God Female.

A Vision: That empowers me to be who God created and calls me to be, freeing me from the pressure to have to be everything.

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