Baby Yancey 3 is now in the World!!!

Baby Yancey 3 is now in the World!!! July 10, 2018

I posted a few weeks ago about fertility and religion. In that post I talked about the coming baby Yancey. Well he is here and I am rejoicing with my family. If you believe in prayer I will certainly accept them as my wife and I take on this awesome responsibility.

I would love to put his picture as the feature image. However, there are unsavory individuals who steal the image of kids and use them in disgusting ways. Furthermore, I make enough enemies so that it is not advisable for me to make images of my boys public. Given the world we live in, the wise thing for me is to avoid showing pictures of my boys. But trust me, they are all beautiful kids. Not that I would be bias right?

We have done this twice before and I know the initial challenges that lies ahead. For the first few months a full night of sleep will be an illusion. As a result of this, and the other tasks necessary for me to help my child to get a good start in life, I am going to suspend blogging for at least a month. I owe it to my family to give them this type of attention.

Along with my blogging break I am going to shut off the comments to Shattering Paradigms. I am doing this in part because I do not want to take the time to respond to them and in part because of the spam. To keep the blog open for comments I have to weed through dozens of spam every day so that I can allow the legitimate comments to come through. I simply do not want to log on a month from now and deal with perhaps a thousand or more spam comments so that the legitimate comments will be posted. So I am having Patheos turn off my comments on Thursday.

I like the discussion that goes on in the comments and wish that the spam did not force me to make this decision. However, I plan to be back here in the middle to late August trying to figure out ways to irritate the left and the right alike. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!

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