The Real Threat to America’s Freedom Comes From Within

The Real Threat to America’s Freedom Comes From Within November 12, 2019

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In the U.S. we like to say that our military constantly goes to war to “protect our freedom.”
But what does that even mean?

When was the last time another nation truly threatened our freedom?

Are we so special that unless we are proactively killing humans from other countries, we would lose our freedom because other nations that don’t spend trillions of dollars to be in a constant state of war, aren’t actually free?

It’s ridiculous to even say.

Did bombing the shit out of Iraq make us more free? No. Did it make Iraq more free. No.

It created a stronger network of terrorists while murdering thousands of civilians and destroying an entire nation’s infrastructure. Iraq itself was never a threat to our nation’s freedom in any way, shape, or form.

We are a war machine. Since WWII, do you know how many years we weren’t at war with someone supposedly trying to take our freedom?

According to global reseach the number would be five. Five years that we were not involved in a major war and honestly the main reason we weren’t trying to kill people around the globe for our nation’s “freedom” for a few years, was because in the late 70’s we had the only president that we have ever had – Jimmy Carter – who was truly a humanitarian in words and actions. But they wrote him off as weak for it.
Because America loves war.

So, we spend a crap-ton of money to kill people in other countries, while denying our own citizens basic human rights like Healthcare, and clean water.

Apparently, that’s what freedom looks like in the U.S.

The reality is, saying that we are fighting for “freedom” by bombing other countries is nothing more than propaganda we so easily fall for, to gain public support for what this nation is really doing, what this nation has pretty much always done.

Protect and expand the economic interests of elitist corporations at the expense of oppressing, murdering, destabilizing, and destroying other nations.

When was the last time the U.S. was actually fighting for freedom and not power and wealth? You could argue WWII but even then, it’s debatable, I mean WWII did bring us a hell of a lot of power and wealth.

Now this is not to say there are no real threats to our freedom in America. There absolutely are. But every single serious – not fabricated – threat to our freedom comes from within.

What really threatens our freedom is the fact we hold so much racism that our police openly murder people of color without real consequence while American Nazis march our streets.

What really threatens our freedom is protecting the obsession with guns made specifically for mass murder, over the lives of our children who are more at risk of being shot at school than a soldier deploying to war.

What really threatens our freedom is the bigoted, sexual predator that millions voted for to “lead” this nation.

What really threatens our freedom is denying people a livable wage, affordable housing, and health care.

What really threatens our freedom is pulling out of the Paris Accord because we are fine with destroying our planet.

What really threatens our freedom are the oil tycoons poisoning our water with our government’s blessing.

What really threatens are freedom is the rate we are losing our soul as we justify locking kids in cages.

What really threatens our freedom are the corporations we go to war for as they mask themselves as “freedom.”

What really threatens Americans’ freedom, is within America itself.


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