You Are Not What They Taught You

You Are Not What They Taught You January 30, 2020
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You are not what they taught you.

You aren’t going to hell for loving somebody.

You aren’t going to hell for being born in the wrong body.

You aren’t going to hell for having an orgasm outside of wedlock.


You aren’t going to hell for taking off your clothes for the gram.

You aren’t going to hell for covering your body in black from head to toe.

You aren’t going to hell for the lingering depression you can’t seem to escape.

You aren’t going to hell for getting divorced.

You are not going to hell for rejecting their capitalism.

You are not going to hell for quitting church.

You are not going to hell for not being a Christian.

You are not going to hell.

Because the thing is, their god doesn’t exist.

The god that murders millions when humans aren’t human-ing the way he wants, and then invents rainbows.

That god is a lie.

If there is one thing I have learned about this universe, it’s that whatever holds it all together, can’t work with the shame they taught you.

Because this universe that we live in, always comes back to love, and a genocidal god cannot be love.

And if God is love, what might she really be saying to you?

She says that you are brilliant, beautiful, and magnificent inside and out.

She says that your same-sex love is perfect and there is little as pure as the light in your partners eyes when you walk into the room.

She is telling you that this body is just a vessel for your soul, and she is so proud of you for being true to yourself and also, fuck gender norms.

She is telling you consensual pleasure is a gift and the man-made social construct of marriage is not a prerequisite.

She is telling you how much joy it brings her that you are empowered in your body and it’s okay to share that empowerment with the world.

She is telling you that it fills her with peace to see you being your true self in spite of what society says you should be.

She is telling you that her heart breaks for every tear that you cry, it’s not your fault, and she is so proud of you for how far you’ve come.

She is telling you there is no shame in divorce, and you will find a happiness and freedom within yourself greater than you ever imagined


She is saying fuck capitalism, love cares for all.

She is telling you that she knows how hard it was to leave that church, but she wasn’t there, love wasn’t there, and you deserve to be surrounded by love.

She is telling you that she isn’t a Christian either.

She is showing you that she is love.

And so are you no matter what they taught you, the truth is – you my beautiful friend – deserve love, are worthy of love, are love.


* For more of Sheri Faye Rosendahl, you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or check out her book, Not Your White Jesus.

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  • Carstonio

    The worst part? They aren’t offended or repulsed by the concept of eternal torture after death, which is morally unjustifiable for any human action.

  • gloriamarie

    I LOVED READING this. My heart soared with gratitude. Thank you,

  • gloriamarie

    Too right, Carstonio. As far as I can tell they seem to relish the idea that someone is going to be in a fiery pit forever. Reminds of Romans cheering as people died in the Coliseum.

  • If you can do all the things you said then why are one-third of the Angels down here on earth and restrained in a pit awaiting judgment?

  • EllieJam

    Huh? Needs further study. . . .

  • Kevin Alexander

    They are the Romans. The most important thing to know about the Roman conversion to Christianity is that it never happened. They changed their name to Christian but that’s it, they never stopped being Roman. They kept all of the love of power, of wealth, of social rank, but most of all they kept the Roman love of cruelty.

  • Matthew 5:19-20
    (19) Whoever therefore breaks one of the least of these commandments, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. (20) For I say to you, that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.

  • Mirror

    Why bother with the “progressive Christian” pretense? You are not Christian in any sense of the word. Perhaps you would be more honest with a “libertine New Ageist” descriptor?

  • olbab

    Oh c’mon Ellie, Bob has been reading his bibble again. Except the naughty bits about what Jesus said.

  • gloriamarie

    Ah! That does explain a LOT. Individual Romans, such as Benedictof Nursia, John Cassian, and others did follow Jesus. But yes… and somehow this Roman stuff is still with us.

  • gloriamarie

    Perhaps, Mirror, you might read the documents produced in the first 500 years of Christianity, especially the Rule of St. Benedict. Certain evangelical beliefs had never been heard of until around 1850.

    There are other ways to be Christian than only one. What is written above is much mre in keeing with the Early Church.

  • Kevin Alexander

    Just as there are millions of Christians today. They’re just not the ones in power.

  • gloriamarie

    Ah, but there are tons of us, quietly following Jesus, doung our best to imitate Him. We just don’t see media attention.

  • Kevin Alexander

    And you will way outlast this empire too.

  • EllieJam

    Beliefs, interpretations, applications of the more recent forefathers stand for many as gospel truth which must be defended. To examine ancient sources of misinterpretation is seen as threatening. Same as for the threat Jesus became when he taught the true Jewish Way. . . .

  • EllieJam

    . . .said, and threatened their comfort. . . .

  • gloriamarie

    “gospel truth ” I am all for Gosel truth, EllieJam, but not any johnny come lately ideas never taught until about 1850.

    “To examine ancient sources of misinterpretation is seen as threatening.” I am sorry, are you saying the 7 ecumenical church councils, recognized even by th Reformers as gospel truth is as threatening as “theology” made up in the mid-19th century?

    Do you know what the 7 ecumenical councils taught? Do you know when the last of them was? Do you know what doctrines came out of them?

    The ideas that came out of the 19th century have been destructive, divisive and led to further errors, such as the so-called prosperity gospel.

    So-called Progressive Christianity is only a re-discovery of what the early church taught and is far more Gospel truth than stuff originating in the mid-19th century.