Hi, I’m Sheri – the quietest mouthy girl you’ll ever meet.

I tend to write about topics that make people wildly uncomfortable because I’m trying to keep it real and live my best life before we render this planet unlivable, ya know?

So I write about topics like – religion, social issues, White-American-Jesus, spirituality stuff, justice, oppression, and the racist, colonizing ways of my people.

I’m blunt, a bit fiery, wildly sarcastic, a total bleeding heart, and so authentic its sometimes inauthentic. I swear sometimes so if that is something that upsets you, we probably shouldn’t be friends. Also, I do a lot of satire so here is your disclaimer.

Regardless of it all, someone was cool enough to let me write a book. It’s called, Not Your White Jesus: Following a Radical Refugee Messiah which you can check out in your local places and internet sites that books are sold (i.e. Amazon and Barnes and Nobles).

I’m also an avid activist, yoga instructor, artist, and cookie enthusiast.

My husband Rich and I run a non-profit called The Nations which is dedicated to peace and humanitarian work – both domestically and abroad – with refugees from the Middle East. If you want to check out more about it or if you want to come to the Syrian border with us sometime, you can check it all out at www.TheNations-DSM.org

Basically, I am just a girl trying to figure out how to let love win in a world that is a fucking mess.

~Sheri Faye Rosendahl