At Work As It Is In Heaven

Publisher: Patheos Press
Copyright: 2012


What is the spiritual purpose of work? Can the life of faith speak to the grueling demands of a career?

“At Work As It Is In Heaven” is one corporate manager’s exploration of the spirituality of the professional life. With raw honesty and droll humor, J.B. Wood – the senior vice president and chief strategy officer of a privately-held manufacturing firm located in Northeast USA – wrestles with the relevance of Christian faith amidst the demands of career and work life.

Wood doesn’t avoid uncomfortable subjects or censor messy thoughts – he jumps right in with wit and transparency, uncovering poignant spiritual insights within the mundane details of everyday work. Page after page, we find that grace permeates all the clutter of the workplace, and we discover that finally grasping God’s purpose for our work comes only through the strange paradox of surrender.

J.B. Wood is a business executive, a recovering management consultant, and author of “The Next Level: Essential Strategies for Achieving Breakthrough Growth.” Aside from his day job, he is also a content editor for the online magazine, The High Calling. His writing has been featured in The Conference Board Review and the Chicago Sun-Times. He lives in the Philadelphia area with his wife of twenty-six years and two daughters, and spends most of his free time with his family eating at really good restaurants.

“At Work As It Is In Heaven is a very practical look at how our faith impacts our vocation. J.B. allows us to view his thoughts, emotions, and experiences on these vital areas. He gives us very practical ways to deal with real work issues to allow us to live our faith in today’s marketplace without reinventing the wheel.”

– Phil Clemens, Chairman & CEO, The Clemens Family Corporation

“Every essay in this book is a witty, candid, perceptive gem that begs to be re-read several times. With the flair and hard-earned wisdom of a favorite uncle, J.B. Wood gives us memorable, practical advice for seeing and acting on new possibilities in our work and our faith.”

– Stephen Martin, Author, “The Messy Quest for Meaning: Five Catholic Practices for Finding Your Vocation”

“When I started reading this book, I was feeling overwhelmed and discouraged in my work. By page three, I knew I wasn’t alone. By page four, I was laughing out loud. J.B. Wood spins modern proverbs for the middle manager, marking down the wisdom of his career with his characteristic blend of snark and inspiration. Here you will find a concentrated blend of the humor, drive, ambition, and depth that has delighted his readers for years.”

– Marcus Goodyear, Senior Editor of The High Calling

“J.B. Wood’s transparency and wisdom will invigorate your faith. No spiritual platitudes. Just an honest look at the struggles, hopes, and joys of a follower of Jesus who takes faith seriously between Sundays.

– Bill Peel, Executive Director, Center for Faith and Work at LeTourmeau University