How to Not Suck as a Leader


This Blog’s tag line says “Connecting Business Life with Spiritual Life.” Sometimes I stick very close to business issues, and other times I veer happily on to little side roads, because there really is more to life than business, right? But, today we are going to get back to business. I figured it’s about time that Shrinking the Camel [Read More...]

Forgetting to Remember God (#4 in a series)


Continued from the previous post and the one before that and the one before that. So there it is. The crammed family schedule was not the culprit here. I forgot about God – no, I avoided God – because I was panicky and needed to be in control of the mess I was in at work. [Read More...]

Forgetting to Remember God (#3 in a series)


Continued from the previous post and the one before that. This was not a small deal I was working on, mind you. No, it was a $30 million deal with a very attractive return. Thirty mil may seem like peanuts to some of you hot shot corporate muckety-mucks, but for me this was significant. I [Read More...]

Forgetting to Remember God (#2 in a Series)


Continued from the previous post. But then again, maybe there’s more to it than just plain spiritual laziness. Maybe forgetting about God is really just a man-thing. And I don’t mean “man” as in “all of humanity” mankind. I’m talking specifically about the male species. You know, like the way we men forget so quickly those [Read More...]

Forgetting to Remember God


I completely forgot about God for two entire weeks. I know, that sounds terribly unspiritual of me. After all, couldn’t I have at least garnered a passing nod to the one who created me, to the savior of my soul? Well, it wasn’t like I was purposefully ignoring God. Why would I do that? No, [Read More...]

Thou Shalt Love Thy Customer: A Revealing Visit to Starbucks


I love Starbucks. No, I really love Starbucks. You need to know this about me. It’s as if Howard Schultz had me specifically in mind when he built the store concept: the serious roast, the eclectic but ever-so-cool music, the aroma, the European Café beatnik ambience. And, Oh, how I love the coffee! Or, maybe [Read More...]