Paradox and the Science of Grace (2)


It seems as if science itself has progressed so far that it has shut the door on absolute-ness, thanks to the study of sub-atomic particles and time-space relativity. Quantum Mechanics, which studies these tiniest of particles, is a scientific discipline wrought with paradoxical issues and weird ideas. Take, for example, electrons and photons. Electrons are [Read More...]

God, Paradox and the Science of Grace (Part 1)


My CFO, Drew, and I have coined a term that we use quite a bit at the office. It’s called “Business Sovereignty.” Drew and I are making decisions and taking risks every day as we are running the company, but we believe that it is God who works it all out one way or the [Read More...]

Confessions of a Mad Journalist (Part 3): Four Things I Have Learned About Spiritual Life


Continued from previous post There has been one overriding, familiar theme woven throughout all of my journal writings during the past twenty years: I was constantly searching for some greater purpose and meaning for my life. But I never really got it, not in the way I thought it should be at the time when [Read More...]

Confessions of a Mad Journalist (Part 2): Overcoming the Fear of Failure


Continued from previous post Oftentimes, my journal acted as a sounding board for my career – a personal assistant of sorts, to help me think through major issues, or grapple with risk. Sure, being an executive can be fun, you are thinking. You get to make big decisions. People respect you. You get to tell others what [Read More...]

Confessions of a Mad Journalist (Part 1)


Like most insecure and spiritually frustrated white men in their forties, I keep a journal. Some men hunt. Others play golf. I know one gentleman whose passion is collecting kaleidoscopes. Me, I’ve taken to transcribing the obsessive voices in my head into a handsome series of leather-bound, hand-written manuscripts. Because if you were to secretly [Read More...]

Hey, All You Forty-Something Parents! WE STILL ROCK! (Part 3)


Modest Mouse finished their set, and the crowd, in solidarity with the band’s namesake, offered up a Modestly enthusiastic applause while the band exited the stage. The roadies began setting up for REM. Some kind of eclectic indie-alt music was now being piped out to the crowds. All of the songs had that same ironic [Read More...]