The Evolution of Christian Branding

Remember that fish-shaped thing, that cute little symbol that is supposed to be associated with Christianity? It is called the Ichthys,which is really an anagram made up of five Greek letters that mean “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.” The Ichthys apparently dates back to the first and second century, when Christians had the misfortune of being hunted [Read More…]

81% of Catholics Believe Their Work is a Calling From God

One thing I have learned from those bloodthirsty media journalists is that if you want eyeballs to land on your website, then use a sensationalist, attention-grabbing headline. So. As luck would have it, I recently came across an enticing opportunity for making such an alarming claim when I saw a survey published by U.S. Catholicmagazine to coincide with Labor Day. The focus [Read More…]

Sometimes God Sneaks Up on You

I took a vacation with God. It wasn’t anything elaborate or expensive. I simply felt like we needed time alone together – just me and God without the many distractions of work, emails, cell phone calls, and the beloved family. Let’s call it a Godcation. And why not? First there was the Mancation, which gained [Read More…]

Unveiling the Truth

This was originally supposed to be a featured at The High Calling Blogs website a few days ago, but it got buried, undoubdetdly because the word “stripper” is used. Well, we here at STC are certainly not prudes, so I am giving this post full frontal exposure. When I was an earnest young Christian man, I considered the possibility [Read More…]

Scared of Layoffs? Take Some Advice from Jesus.

Guest Blog posting today by Executive Leadership Coach, Dr. Stephen Payne. Even with a steady job, this recession is a real test of my faith. Just how will we all get through it? I know that some of the business leaders I coach are very worried about the future of their businesses. It seems that [Read More…]

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Authentic

Authenticity can be difficult to come by, even in the church community. Go figure. People prefer to hide the awful mess going on inside their lives, choosing to maintain some shred of perceived dignity rather than revealing the sober truth. The meager attempts we make at propping up an image of success is much more appealing than spilling the beans about the troubled marriage, the [Read More…]