August 21, 2015

Continued from the previous post. But then again, maybe there’s more to it than just plain spiritual laziness. Maybe forgetting about God is really just a man-thing. And I don’t mean “man” as in “all of humanity” mankind. I’m talking specifically about the male species. You know, like the way we men forget so quickly those little things that our wives ask of us all the time? Those very things that are so critically important to them, but don’t quite register... Read more

August 14, 2015

I completely forgot about God for two entire weeks. I know, that sounds terribly unspiritual of me. After all, couldn’t I have at least garnered a passing nod to the one who created me, to the savior of my soul? Well, it wasn’t like I was purposefully ignoring God. Why would I do that? No, this was more like being gradually swept into a massive rip tide of the many tangible distractions going on in my life. As a result,... Read more

August 10, 2015

I love Starbucks. No, I really love Starbucks. You need to know this about me. It’s as if Howard Schultz had me specifically in mind when he built the store concept: the serious roast, the eclectic but ever-so-cool music, the aroma, the European Café beatnik ambience. And, Oh, how I love the coffee! Or, maybe it’s just the idea of me drinking coffee at Starbucks is what I love. In any case, I am to the point where I won’t,... Read more

August 4, 2015

Once I took a train into New York City to attend a “Deal Making Conference.” Thousands of men and women in their finest hand tailored suits eagerly descended upon an upper Manhattan hotel for two days, swarming in groups and in clusters, like bees pollinating a field of wild poppies. When it was all over, I took a cab back to Penn Station to catch the train back to Philly. As I was waiting in the main station to find my... Read more

July 30, 2015

Here is a great quote of George Bernard Shaw, from Man and Superman: “This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.” I pray that I am never accused of being the selfish little clod. I hope today that you... Read more

July 24, 2015

A few weeks ago I came across a Blogger who was whining like a little girl about the hostilities of the “secular” world towards Christians. He proceeded to rail against the bogeyman of secular culture, especially corporate America, for apparently making him so miserable and uncomfortable with its lack of ethics, values and moral backbone. My reaction was: “Here’s a lollipop to suck on. Now, go back to your church pew and take a nap.” I didn’t publicly comment with those words,... Read more

July 19, 2015

Read about how I got here here, here, and here. So. I’m about five minutes into my morning meditation, not very long at all, and I’m focusing on the word “Surrender.” And probably to be honest with you, in the back of my mind at some subterranean subconscious level I was still asking God “What is the deal with surrendering? What does that even mean? What do you want from me? How is this supposed to work? ” Etc. etc. etc. And... Read more

July 16, 2015

Continued from previous post and the one before that. The word I chose to meditate on yesterday was “Surrender.” This word had been on my mind lately, because I had been seeing it every day on my desk at work. A few days ago a friend had given me a little laminated 3×5 prayer card that was now propped up on my computer, and it starts by saying “God: I surrender my will and my life to you.” Every day I read... Read more

July 14, 2015

Continued from the previous post. It seemed like meditation could be an important spiritual discipline to help me grow. But, let’s face it, it also sounds weird. I associate meditation with Buddhists and George Harrison and New Age Eastern religions that are so taboo as I was taught from my right-wing fundamentalist Evangelical upbringing, because they are the Cults Of The World. Well, OK, that was when I was 14. The way Dr. Payne described it to me just now, it actually sounded kind of cool, and... Read more

July 10, 2015

My mentor, Dr. Payne, suggested that I start meditating. He mentioned it one day as he calmly observed me work myself into a lather over the usual career frustrations and corporate political struggles. He made it sound so easy and fun. And I said, “Well, yes, that might help calm me down.” But I was also secretly thinking to myself how meditating would make me sound extremely hard-core spiritual. You know, the way everyone thinks that Buddhists are so much... Read more

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