What is Shrinking the Camel all about?

I am a business executive living and working the Northeast USA. I like to write about the challenges of integrating my professional and spiritual life – without censoring the messy, ridiculous, cynical and irreverent thoughts that happen to tag along with my current outlook on life.

Now, about that title, Shrinking the Camel: Remember the scripture In Matthew 19, where Jesus tells his crowd of disciples that it’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven? Sure you do. Everyone knows that one. He was talking about us. Those of us in business, I mean. Those of us working to maximize shareholder value, trying to make a decent living, moving and shaking in the midst of global capitalism.

After he says this, the disciples are bewildered (as usual) and they say, “All right Jesus, enough drama. Really, how do you expect anyone to get into heaven, then?” This is one time I appreciate the dumb questions that those disciples asked.

I lean in a little closer, to hear the answer. Jesus tells them, “You’re right, boys. Lucky for you, with God all things are possible. I’m just telling you to be careful not to get too caught up with the money.” (My interpretation, of course.)

Jesus makes it very clear that the truth is, God can shrink that camel like magic, and it’ll slip right through the needle, no problem! Everyone always forgets that part of the story.

This blog is an attempt to integrate my spiritual life with business life. Minus the cliches, presumption and pretence. I hope you can relate.

Welcome to my Blog!