Tired of the Treadmill? Here’s How to Turbocharge Your Goals


I once worked with an organization that was not quite as focused as it should have been. Their returns were on a long, slow decline, and nobody was sure what to do. After we clarified the company’s vision and three strategic priorities, I asked the President how many of the projects and initiatives throughout the [Read More...]

Through God You Will Do Valiantly


I have been thinking lately about excellence. Not just at work, but in every area of my life — as a Christian, husband, father, friend, volunteer, Starbucks customer… Do I truly aspire to excellence in the work I do? In the relationships I have? I guess this sudden conviction is a result of the convergence [Read More...]

Why Guilt-Ridden People Make Better Leaders


The head of security, Fred, poked his head into my office the other day and asked if I was busy. “Uh…well, I’m going to lunch,” I said. It was 12:15, and my stomach was growling. Fred doesn’t usually show up around here in the executive suite, so it seemed a little suspicious. But, whatever. Maybe he [Read More...]

A Baffling Conversation with an Inappropriate, Foul-Mouthed, Pompous Christian Business Owner (Or is it Just Me?)


There is this gentlemen – I’ll call him Ray Smith- who was a prominent business owner in the region. He was well known, not just for his company and the products it sold, but also for their charitable works. Ray had even set up a special non-profit entity for the specific purpose of funneling his company’s [Read More...]

You Won’t be an Effective Leader if You are Too Busy Trying to Be Someone Else

LENOVO - WIN_20150301_073120

My friend, a high-level manager at a financial services firm, confided he felt as if he were leading a double-life. Not in a sordid, creepy way, involving drugs or scandal or Liza Minnelli cabaret impersonations by night. Rather, he complained that his “work” persona and his “home” persona had grown distinctly separate over the years, and it made him [Read More...]

How Not to Suck Up to Your Boss


A colleague of mine, an older, distinguished gentleman, has this habit of trying to predict and finish my sentences. For instance, when I start a conversation, he’ll interject these vocal micro-blips while I’m speaking, as if he was just about to say the exact same thing. Me: “We were on the verge of closing the Colosco deal, [Read More...]