The Myth of Calling


When I was nineteen years old, I wanted more than anything else in the world to become a published songwriter. I was completely consumed with this idea, believing it was my one and only true calling from God for my life. Of course, now I know that there is another name for that kind of magical [Read More...]

Do Not Worry About Domestic Life? (#2 in a series)


Continued from previous post. So here’s what that cynical voice in my head is saying about the “Do not worry” passage in Luke 12:23-33: Sure, it’s easy for Jesus to tell these people not to worry. He didn’t have the financial responsibilities of a family to worry about! Neither did Peter, or Paul, for that [Read More...]

Do Not Worry? Really?


These are worrisome times we are living in. There is an unprecedented global financial crisis, economic recession, threats of terrorism, never-ending war, more and more layoffs, an enormous government deficit, and crappy projections for  spending. It’s just bad news all the way around. Add this pile of stink to the routine madness that you and [Read More...]

Why Yelling at People is Not the Best Motivational Strategy


I once hired a gentleman – let’s call him Aaron – on a contract basis to work with a small office team implementing a new accounting software program. Aaron was a partner in charge at a small but respectable local accounting firm, and as the expert consultant, he was to work closely with Barbara, the [Read More...]

Why Being Super-Generous at Work Will Make You Happier


The other day I received an email from a complete stranger, asking for advice on a business plan: “Dear Mr. Wood,” he blurted forth. “I saw your name blah blah blah and I have this wonderful idea blah blah could you please take some time to review and give me feedback blah blah.”  Like most of you, [Read More...]

Want to Create Your Dream Life? Write it Down.


I was cleaning out the basement last weekend when I turned my attention to an old file cabinet perched in a dark corner, minding its own business. In the frenzy of my purging rampage, I decided this guy’s number was up and began tossing its outdated contents into the trash. Eventually I came across one particularly wrinkled and faded folder [Read More...]