The Next Big Breakthrough Business Idea: Be Nice!


A colleague was telling me about an epic deal he was working on, involving dozens of high-powered lawyers and bankers. “It was incredibly intense,” he said. “We had a huge conference area set up like a war room, with each party’s representatives lined up on either side of the table. For five days, we worked [Read More...]

Two Essential Ingredients to Effective Communication with Your Team

honesty-humility sketch chart

Once upon a time, I put together a brilliant plan for change. It was simple. It was easy. It moved people on my remote team from working in isolation to working cooperatively. I wrote it up, sent it out to everyone on the team, and called a virtual meeting. And I felt pretty darn good [Read More...]

How to Not Suck as a Leader

So much has been written on the subject of leadership over the past thirty years that sometimes I honestly wonder if there is anything left to say. Popular authors and motivational gurus have found so many clever ways to slice and dice and list and repackage their critical leadership advice that I am just about [Read More...]

5 Teamwork Lessons from Playing Soccer Naked

Brazil vs. North Korea in the 2010 World Cup

All of this World Cup stuff reminds me of the time I played soccer naked. I was 16-years-old, a foreign exchange student in Germany, looking to leave my friends with a good story of the crazy American’s last week. Several of them challenged me to get sent to the principal’s office in our Gymnasium, a [Read More...]

Too Many Meetings? Creating Spiritual Clarity at Work


Several years ago, the senior executives of my company gathered in the Board Room to have a meeting about meetings. Apparently, some people had been complaining that we were having too many. I will be the first to admit there may have been some truth to this. Over the previous several months we had chartered one team after another [Read More...]

So You’ve Been Asked to Pray at a Sexy Drinking Party…


Where I live, folks love to relive prom. Middle-aged guys dress up in tuxedos. Mothers become ladies after spending all afternoon on their hair and slipping into formals with high slits and deep dips. Then we go dance and eat with an open bar and a silent auction. People don’t hold onto their money as [Read More...]