Are You Constantly Trading Up, or Living in the Moment?

I have been thinking a lot lately about excellence. Not just at work, but in every area of my life — as a Christian, husband, father, friend, church volunteer, Board member, Starbucks customer… Do I truly aspire to excellence in the work I do? In the relationships I have? In every-day interactions with strangers? I [Read More…]

Do Not Worry (Oh, Really? That Might Be Easy for You to Say…)

These are worrisome times we are living in. There is an unprecedented global financial crisis, economic recession, threats of terrorism, more and more layoffs, and a growing government deficit. It’s just bad news all the way around. Add this pile of stink to the routine madness that you and I deal with daily, as a matter [Read More…]

Respect the Right People

Guest post by leadership coach and author, Dr. Stephen Payne. Charlie comes walking towards me waving the Business Section of the New York Times. “Our bank is going bust,” he says. “We’re being taken over by the government bail out. The people from Treasury are in our head office already. That’s it; we’re done for.” [Read More…]

Have You Ever Run Into an Angel on a Business Trip?

One week I took a train into New York City to attend a “Deal Making Conference.” I know, Ha Ha. Deal-making in the middle of a global depression, right? Trust me, there weren’t many deals getting done. All the same, thousands of men and women in their finest hand tailored suits eagerly descended upon an upper Manhattan [Read More…]

Even Jesus Got Annoyed Sometimes

I have been searching for some spiritual advice on how to deal with annoying employees. The scriptures didn’t offer much help, other than telling me to be infinitely patient and kind. I kept searching. Surely Jesus must have had some irritating moments with his employees, those surly disciples. I mean, come on, they were just ordinary guys [Read More…]

Meditation for (Christian) Dummies

My mentor, Dr. Payne, suggested that I start meditating. He mentioned it one day as he calmly observed me work myself into a lather over the usual career frustrations and corporate political struggles. He made it sound so easy and fun. And I said, “Well, yes, that might help calm me down.” But I was [Read More…]