What Am I Supposed to Do With the Rest of My Life?


Lately my lungs shut down while I’m sleeping. They just decide to stop working, like they’ve had enough and they’re not going to put up any longer with the unreasonable demands I’ve placed on them. They’ll show me who’s really in charge. I dream these nightmares of drowning, being strangled, choking, and dying. The worst [Read More...]

The Purpose of Work


As some of you may know, I go to a Presbyterian church. It’s located in a bucolic, historically-preserved town that happens to be a stone’s throw from the pharmaceutical Mecca of the Northeast, and also within commuting distance of both New York City and Philadelphia. Needless to say, we are a church community filled with [Read More...]

27 Things To Do Before I Die


I’ve been reading the book “Becoming a Resonant Leader” (Harvard Business Press). One of the book’s tenants is that Emotional Intelligence is at the core of effective leadership – and the authors take it a step further into the realm of personal growth and self-awareness. As a launching point, they have a number of exercises to help [Read More...]

Even Jesus Got Annoyed


I can pretty much guarantee that the disciples were annoying at times. I mean, come on, they were just ordinary guys like you and me, right? They had to get on each others’ nerves from time to time. The bible doesn’t really showcase Jesus’ irritation levels, but if we read between the lines of some [Read More...]

Do Not Worry: There is a Spiritual Economy, Too (#3 in a series)


Continued from previous post and the post before that. On the days when I’m feeling especially anxious, rather than praying about it, I’ll just ask God to give me a once-over while I go take a nap. My hope is that the Holy Spirit will have better luck with my subconscious self, who is really [Read More...]

How to Know When You’ve Finally Arrived

Here is an excerpt teaser from my e-book, At Work as it is in Heaven. You can read it in its entirety over at The High Calling. Or better yet, why not just buy it now ? I once heard a story about Henry Kissinger falling asleep in the middle of a very important meeting. Everyone noticed, but [Read More...]