Why Being Vulnerable is Good for Business


I once attended a meeting where a professional services firm was making a pitch to help my company work through a certain business issue. They had prepared a little presentation to introduce their firm and set up the discussion. As the first power point slide went up on the screen, I could not believe what bullet [Read More...]

Don’t Mistake Doing What You Love with Doing What’s Important


A few months ago, my wife texted me, “Don’t forget to buy Megamillions tickets!:)” Upon learning of the $656 million jackpot, we couldn’t help ourselves from fantasizing about a potential windfall. We’d quit our jobs. Pursue our dreams. Finally, we’d do what we loved. When the lottery numbers were drawn, ours, of course, did not [Read More...]

Acknowledging People Takes SO Much Work!


Several executives were standing around my office the other day, debating what to do about a particular employee. Not that someone was in trouble – rather, this person had performed an outstanding accomplishment, one which had a substantial impact on our bottom line. They were discussing how best to acknowledge this. A special luncheon in [Read More...]

How to Lead With Confidence in a Company that Stabs People in the Back

dog in sheep's clothing

Years ago, I worked for a computer maintenance company, leading a team of college students who received and cleaned the computers. Often, the problem with a computer was simply that it was too dirty. Disassemble it, run its circuit boards through a sonic dishwasher, and it was as good as new. These were the days [Read More...]

Is Work a Curse, or Inherently Good?


I recently overheard a conversation where a middle-aged, mothering woman was asking a scrappy-headed and pockmark-faced young man in his mid-twenties how he liked his job. “It’s okay,” he said, staring down at his unlaced black Skechers. “Pays the bills, right?” she prompted with an encouraging smile. “Yeah, no – it’s not so bad. For now.” [Read More...]

The Spiritual Value of Wasting Time at Work


I was on speaker phone the other day with a colleague, Bruce, closing up several items regarding some new deal activity. After five minutes or so, the business part of our conversation was over, so I fired up my computer, opening several application windows in anticipation of the call winding down. Hello, excel! Hello, email! Good day, internet! [Read More...]