Five Things to Stop Doing in 2015


Strategy consultant Dorie Clark wrote an intriguing post a couple years ago at Harvard Business Review blogs presenting somewhat of an anti-outlook for New Year’s goal-setting. Instead of promoting typical professional stretch-goal tips, she made suggestions for things to stop doing, in order to become more focused and productive. Her red lighted list of things to stop doing included such helpful recommendations [Read More...]

It’s Okay to Feel Stupid Sometimes


Have you ever been in a meeting, minding your own business, maybe thinking about what  you might want to have for dinner that night, when suddenly you realize all eyes have turned on you looking for an opinion? Except that you have no idea what they were just talking about? It’s not that you weren’t paying attention. [Read More...]

The Secret Art of Reinventing Yourself


Eighth grade is typically a harsh year for pre-teens, and mine was no exception. I was not the most athletically coordinated boy, which placed me firmly at the lowest ranking of the middle school echelon. Add to that my greasy hair, braces, and over-sized, thick-lens eyeglasses, and you start to get a very sorry picture. Thankfully, [Read More...]

A Near-Death-Back-to-Work Experience


Not long ago my wife and I hosted a small group meeting at our house – you know, the thing where a few couples from church get together for some bible study, finger foods, and conversation about faith. Wow – that just sounded scarily churchy-cliche and conventional. But really, it was refreshing, as our group became comfortable talking [Read More...]

Thanks for the Lovely Gift Basket


Late last summer some new neighbors moved in to the house across the street. Being the self-centered and aloof person that I am, I usually don’t give much thought when it comes to these things. But for some odd reason I got it in my head that I was going to turn over a new leaf and [Read More...]

How MicroPrayers Can Help Get You Through the Work Day

With the advent of ubiquitous mobile social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter within reach at a moment’s notice, many of us have taken to posting clever quips from our sporatic stream of consciousness, squeezed in to the cracks and micro-breaks throughout the busy day. Standing in line at the grocery store, for instance, [Read More...]