Feeling Beat Up at Work? Three Great Ways to Manage Yourself Through the Stress


A friend confided that, lately, he goes home from work every day feeling like a failure. He is in charge of a sales organization that has been slipping ever since he took over a few months ago. The pressure from upper management is tremendous. It seems like everything is stacked against him – the tough [Read More...]

Is Prayer Just Too Boring?

Timothy D. Wilson, Sherrell J. Aston Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia, helped write "Just think: The challenges of the disengaged mind."

New Study Suggests Prayer Is So Boring People Prefer Painful Electric Shocks It has been a weird few weeks in the news regarding prayer. Folks got riled up over 15% discounts for public prayer in a North Carolina restaurant, over the end of the discount for public prayer in the same restaurant , over exercise groups praying [Read More...]

You Can’t Compete with Grace

I recently attended a Strategy conference featuring some fancy Harvard Business School professors at a swanky California seaside hotel. During one of the luncheons, I struck up a conversation with the gentleman seated next to me, a sturdy-looking man who worked for a large charity organization in the Midwest. The word “Grace” was prominently emblazoned [Read More...]

Got the Job, But Not the Dream. Now What?


After two years of unemployment, my friend Mark finally landed a sales job. It’s not exactly what he had in mind as a seasoned management professional, age 52, but after dozens of leads and rejections, this appeared to be the only game in town. I usually run into Mark when I hit the local Starbucks before [Read More...]

The Next Big Breakthrough Business Idea: Be Nice!


A colleague was telling me about an epic deal he was working on, involving dozens of high-powered lawyers and bankers. “It was incredibly intense,” he said. “We had a huge conference area set up like a war room, with each party’s representatives lined up on either side of the table. For five days, we worked [Read More...]

Two Essential Ingredients to Effective Communication with Your Team

honesty-humility sketch chart

Once upon a time, I put together a brilliant plan for change. It was simple. It was easy. It moved people on my remote team from working in isolation to working cooperatively. I wrote it up, sent it out to everyone on the team, and called a virtual meeting. And I felt pretty darn good [Read More...]