Hey, All You Forty-Something Parents! WE STILL ROCK! (Part 3)


Modest Mouse finished their set, and the crowd, in solidarity with the band’s namesake, offered up a Modestly enthusiastic applause while the band exited the stage. The roadies began setting up for REM. Some kind of eclectic indie-alt music was now being piped out to the crowds. All of the songs had that same ironic [Read More...]

Hey, All You Forty-Something Parents! WE STILL ROCK! (Part 2)


Sophie was running ahead of me, talking to her friend on the cell phone, trying to decide where to meet. We eventually found her friends over at the sunscreen-sponsor tent. After the initial greetings, my daughter immediately banned me from their presence. I’m used to this by now. But I still put up a little fight.  “Well how [Read More...]

Hey, All You Forty-Something Parents! WE STILL ROCK! (Part 1)


One summer I promised my sixteen-year-old daughter, Sophie, that I would drive her to see a rock concert. It was taking place at one of those open-air venues, where you could buy lawn-tickets and sit on a blanket under the stars on a warm summer evening with a few friends and enjoy the music. This [Read More...]

A Tasteful Examination of Using Salty Language


Warning: This post is rated PG-13. If you are offended by certain slang words that might be used in those movies, then please, do not read this post. Is it okay for Christians to Curse? I have a friend who works in the Christian publishing industry. He was recently telling me how conservative it is, [Read More...]

Believing the Unbelievable


I have spent the past few months reading through the gospels again, a little bit each morning. Despite of the rush of my daily schedule, those few minutes of quiet contemplation always help to keep my spiritual wits about me as the hectic day unfolds. I’ve finally just about completed the last one, the Gospel of John. It’s been a long time since [Read More...]

My Charity Work is More Degrading Than Yours: Lessons in Leadership from Middle School Fellowship – Part 3


In spite of all the chaos associated with leading the middle school youth group, I have grown to love these kids. After feeling initially terrified about how to interact with them (am I cool enough? Will they think I’m a geek? Will I be too strict?), I soon loosened up and actually got to know [Read More...]