In which my kids make Valentine’s Day weird and creepy

In which my kids make Valentine’s Day weird and creepy February 10, 2014

We’ve been doing 3-D lollipop valentines for the last few years. Here is how it turns out when a normal family does this project:

PIC 3D lollipop valentine


Cute, eh? It is easy:

1. Take a picture of your kid extending a fist toward the camera.  Leave some blank space in the background for the lollipop and message.

2. If you like, photoshop a greeting onto the image.  If you are alert, you will remember how to paste things in with a transparent background; and if you care, you will be able to talk your kids out of choosing tacky images.  (This year, I was neither alert nor did I care.)

3. Print out enough photos for the class.  We use Walmart’s photo service – turns out fine.

4. Using an Exacto knife, make a slit above and below (or on both sides of) the fist.  Insert a Dum-Dum or other lollipop through the slits, so it looks like the kid is holding a giant lollipop, and tape the stick in place on the back of the photo.

Here is what we have so far this year (before getting prints and inserting lollipops):

one standard (?) lollipop holder:


one kid who wants to have the dog holding the lollipop in his mouth:

one kid who is just a crumb:

and one kid who wants to have the lollipop going in one ear and out the other:

I’m sure the school misses the old days, when we were new and paranoid and sure that everyone would be judging us, so we tried extra hard to seem like decent people.

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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    This post needs a disclaimer: do not read while drinking liquids. My keyboard has enough problems without me spraying coffee all over it. Those are hilarious. I vote for the dog one.

  • Melissa Hunter-Kilmer

    You had all those kids just so you could laugh at them, didn’t you? Yeah, that’s why I had mine, too. Good work!

  • Karyn

    Too funny – makes our origami valentine hearts very mundane. Number three was the funniest.

  • anna lisa

    We used to try to masquerade as decent people also.
    I’ve probably shared this before, but the my all-time favorite Valentine was one my middle schooler and I sketched, of two morbidly obese naked people sitting on the beach with their heads leaning into each other and hearts going up in the air. The caption read: “wishing you TONS of love”
    the next year we used the same picture, but added lots of hair to the guys back. The caption read: “I’m bringing sexy back”.

    God forgive me.

  • The last one gets my vote. Best. Face. Ever.

  • Lynn

    Can I just say how pleased I am that my daughter just folded origami lotus flowers and wants to hot glue a hershey’s kiss in the center of each one? My son is the wildcard. One year he asked me to print off images of some weird reptile, and he stuck suckers to them. This year he hasn’t actually mentioned anything, come to think of it. That could be interesting.

  • Monica H

    Your kids are awesome. Period.