Fine, I’m pregnant!

Fine, I’m pregnant! August 15, 2014



12 weeks


Too tired and gassy to come up with any announcement more adorable or original than this, but everything is looking good so far.  God willing, Fishie #10 is due in late Feb./early March.  Hooray!

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  • Lisa Cook


  • silicasandra

    Congratulations! 🙂

  • Congratulations!

  • Anna

    Yay! Hope you’re not feeling too crummy!

  • Tracy Reeves

    Congrats! My youngest is a month older than your Benny, and now I’m due about a month before you again! I especially had fun reading your pregnancy updates last time since we matched up so closely, looking forward to that again! 🙂

    • Anna

      Almost the same here, except my youngest is about a month younger than Benny. But this time I’m a bit apprehensive, since I’ve got twins on the way and I may need Simcha’s writing to keep some semblance of sanity – but here she’ll be busy with her own baby…

  • Mary Jo Lemming Paquin


  • Lydia

    Yay! Congratulations!

  • JKealey

    You look beautiful.

  • Kathryn King

    I knew it! Congrats! Love it!

  • Sweet! I’ll add you to the prayer board for all things maternity to go well.

  • kiwords

    Wonderful news! You look beautiful.

  • Rachel


  • Tara Darnell

    Yay! Congratulations – you and baby will be in our prayers!

  • Diana

    Congrats! Such a great day to pass on happy news!

  • CS

    Congrats to the Fishers!

  • Kate Cousino

    More Fishers can only be a good thing.

  • Melissa Zech

    Congratulations! Such sweet, happy news! Saying a prayer for a healthy happy pregnancy and delivery!

  • jennifer

    I’m a long and silent lurker, but congratulations! happy for you, and a little bit jealous!

  • Fr. Denis Lemieux

    Congratulations! Never enough Fishers, that’s what I say.

  • Michele

    Congratulations, Simcha!! What awesome news!!!

  • Bonnie Engstrom

    Congratulations! Wonderful news!

  • Colet C. Bostick


  • Congrats and God bless!

  • MamaK

    A dozen Fishers! Now you won’t have to fight over the leftover in the two six-packs. You have arrived (or will have, when the baby arrives).

  • Pete Socks

    Congrats Simcha!

  • $1028912

    CONGRATULATIONS! (And better you than me!!!)

    • Loretta Remski Brighton

      Lisa, is this your way of telling the general public that you dislike children and/or are not an adequate mother? Just trying to understand your odd but common sentiment.

      • $1028912

        Indeed, I do dislike small children, though I imagine I’m an adequate mother (as mine have survived so far), and I think my opinions are in the minority rather than “common.”
        However, I am genuinely happy for people who feel differently and welcome additions to their growing families.
        Perhaps I should have stopped at “congratulations!” But “Better you than me!” is what I say to my real-life friends, so I figured that since I’m a semi-regular commenter here, I’d say it to Simcha, too.

        • Lisa, I may not agree with some of your beliefs but I enjoy reading your comments because you are always civil in your discourse. And I thought your first comment was funny!

          • $1028912

            Thanks — I greatly enjoy reading this blog and comments, and appreciate it when I can respectfully disagree (although I don’t always disagree, of course).

      • Liberty

        Why is it your business what she says? Or if she dislikes children? Should we be able to question your mothering skills based on your comments? Someone can not like children in general and still love and like her own. What is so odd about being happy for someone for something which you are grateful is not happening in your own life at that point? Like a friend getting a promotion to a super hard job which she is excited about but you are content to remain in your own job?

  • Claire

    Awesome news Simcha! Congratulations and prayers!

  • Ezbs

    A big Congrats! There is no better news than baby news. Praying you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy and safe birth. God Bless you and your growing baby x

  • irena mangone

    Congratulations God bless you all

  • Kirsten

    Hooray! Such wonderful news! I’ll pray that things continue to go, and grow, smoothly! God bless you all!

  • Well, how in the actual heck did I miss this??! Praise God in the highest Heaven!!

    • June1111

      She’s a clever one… 😀 I wonder what else she’s hiding!

  • richard


  • Congratulations!

  • niknac

    Here’s to every woman’s right to exercise her sexual and reproductive functions in the ways she and not someone else, chooses. Congratulations on your new baby.

    • Having the right to do a thing is not at all the same as being right in doing it, to quote G.K. Chesterton. That also applies to passive-aggressive pro-abortion responses to pregnancy announcements. 🙂

      • Claire

        Exactly, JoAnna. Nothing like disguising a political agenda behind a congratulatory message.

    • niknac

      You two are very mean spirited.

      • Ed

        And you, niknac, are very disingenuous. Please don’t promote your pro-choice agenda and facetiously tack on a baby congratulation.

  • Congratulations!

  • afishcalledsid

    Congratulations from Dave and Kate in Canada! BTW, I’m feeling gassy too and I’m not even pregnant.

  • anna lisa

    Oh my goodness!!!! How did I miss this???? Thank you. The world needs more of your sassy little munchkins 😀

  • Congratulations, Simcha!!! 🙂

  • Kay

    Shouldn’t you be sitting down in this picture? lol Congratulations! Prayers for great health all around.

  • MightyMighty1

    Congrats! I think it’s a good thing that a mother with as many children as you have is NOT making cutsey announcements. There cannot be time for that in your schedule!

  • jenn rothwell


  • Lindsay Burke

    Are you kidding me, Feedly? You somehow cut off my Simcha Fisher and I miss THIS?! What wonderful news!

  • I love perimenopause. I am just starting the peri part. I don’t have to have a Catholic trophy kid to prove myself. God loves me and all the kids I missed carried anyhow. Being 51 has its upsides. I don’t have to nag my hub to get junk done, I do it myself. Geez, how old were you when you got married? Gee, it is like you all have to prove yourselves this way. THAT IS JUST AS BAD.

  • Ok… that’s nice. Another Catholic better than you trophy kid. So? Nice but so?

    • simchafisher

      That’s really hurtful, Jeanne. I’m a real person, you know, not some kind of personification of everything you dislike about your fellow Catholics. I’m having a real baby, who may or may not grow up to make me proud. I do not treat my children as trophies or as proof of anything. I’m not having children AT you; I’m just having children.

      If someone has hurt your or made you feel bad for the way your life has gone, I am truly sorry, and I apologize on their behalf. But there is no call to lash out at me just for sharing some good news. If baby announcements upset you, then you should not read them.

      • Too bad. If I share good news YOU WOULD BE LIKE PATRONIZING AND SO? THREE WORDS: trophy kid and pride. Big deal have them and pay for them. I am over it. You better look at how and why you have all those trophy kids. That’s what they are to you. At 51 I don’t have to have kids. Bring on Menopause. You are so so snooty and prove how you really are. NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE BUT APOLOGIZE FOR YOURSELF. Btw, there’s a lightening storm overhead. Sorry but I didn’t get struck by it. Come on down and see if you can pass that test. Being older has more benefits and insurance. No one knows you outside Catholic trophy pridedom and no one cares.

        • Kate Cousino

          You very obviously care. Just sayin’.

          • Claire

            Ya think?

          • Anna

            And about all Simcha’s topics, not just this one, as she’s posted comments on a bunch of posts… 🙂
            On a semi-related note, I find one cannot block a follower on Disqus.

      • Anna

        Ooh, and after you pass Jeanne’s lightning storm test, do we get to see if you weigh the same as a duck?
        Also, having looked at her other recent comments in the sidebar, do you think you could get Ikea to send her a cease-and-desist letter for claiming in public that that shelf is exactly like theirs?

  • that florida lady

    I love that I take issue with you. Someone needs to not always laud your praises. Someone needs to do this to keep you humble. I already know that I am a first class Catholic bumella.