Help a newly separated mother of six as she faces major surgery

Help a newly separated mother of six as she faces major surgery October 24, 2014

grimes family

My friend Nicole Grimes is in a terrible place.

After six children and seventeen years of marriage, she is now facing a divorce she does not want.

Nicole has always been a stay-at-home mom, and she is now very willing to do whatever work she can find to support her family on her own — but she is about to undergo major abdominal surgery which will require a hospital stay and long recovery period.

She is, of course, pursuing all the legal remedies, but as you may know, the process can be long, frustrating, and often unjust.

In the mean time, she is struggling hard to cover all the typical expenses of a large family, including medical expenses for her daughter, who has juvenile diabetes. Her friends have rallied around Nicole and have hosted  a GoFundMe page, where she is collecting funds to help her family with its basic needs during this horrible time.

Friends, I know there are many, many people who need help. I pass on stories from people I trust, who are truly desperate and are depending on the Church Militant to come and help, to offer financial support, prayer, support, and encouragement to people whose lives have been so unfairly blasted apart.

If you can donate a little, or a lot, Nicole and her kids would be so grateful. Either way, please consider sharing her Go Fund Me page on whatever social media you use. Thank you.

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