Help a newly separated mother of six as she faces major surgery

Help a newly separated mother of six as she faces major surgery October 24, 2014

grimes family

My friend Nicole Grimes is in a terrible place.

After six children and seventeen years of marriage, she is now facing a divorce she does not want.

Nicole has always been a stay-at-home mom, and she is now very willing to do whatever work she can find to support her family on her own — but she is about to undergo major abdominal surgery which will require a hospital stay and long recovery period.

She is, of course, pursuing all the legal remedies, but as you may know, the process can be long, frustrating, and often unjust.

In the mean time, she is struggling hard to cover all the typical expenses of a large family, including medical expenses for her daughter, who has juvenile diabetes. Her friends have rallied around Nicole and have hosted  a GoFundMe page, where she is collecting funds to help her family with its basic needs during this horrible time.

Friends, I know there are many, many people who need help. I pass on stories from people I trust, who are truly desperate and are depending on the Church Militant to come and help, to offer financial support, prayer, support, and encouragement to people whose lives have been so unfairly blasted apart.

If you can donate a little, or a lot, Nicole and her kids would be so grateful. Either way, please consider sharing her Go Fund Me page on whatever social media you use. Thank you.

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  • Susan Anne

    If you can contact this woman’s fundraising organizer, please let her know to connect a paypal link to her gofundme page. More people will be able to donate this way <3

  • jenny


    I am helping these children right now.

    I am also going to request the Synod of Fathers commission in Rome, that next 2015 session will include special representatives of Single Mothers and Fatherless Children, not only as “guests”, but as voters.

    The just closed Synod of Fathers had only one sentence about single family in the final Report…. correct ?

    “…Special attention should be given to the accompaniment of single-parent families, in a particular way to help women who have to carry alone the responsibility of the home and raising children….”

  • Dan13

    How awful! I hope she has a good attorney.

  • You’d think that after Newt Gingrich pulled this back in the early 1990s, no other man would dare.

    I’ll see if I can spare a few $$$.

    • donated my bonus money from earlier in the month at Intel. Not much, but it’s something. Also shared on my facebook page.

  • Cara Cook

    Hi Simcha, Thank you for shining a light on this story. My sister has gone through almost the exact same situation with five kids. Can I ask: why is “newly separated” part of the title, and not “abandoned”, which I saw you initially posted as the title (I saw this from a Facebook friend who shared the story)?

    • Silvina Leonnetti

      Legal reasons, I think.

  • Susan Peterson

    Abandoned is much more accurate. Separated would not have grabbed me and for some it would be off putting. I agree with the PayPal button comment. I put money inPay Pal just for the purpose of being able to respond to things like this without worrying about my checking account balance.

    I am so sorry this is happening to her and the children. One wonders how a father can do this, and how his parents can possibly support him in doing this. It boggles the mind.

    • MichiganMama

      I’m guessing that the reason they are paying for the lawyer is to ensure he gets visitation or joint custody rights so they can ensure a continued relationship with their grandchildren. Grandparents only have legal rights to visitation in most states when they financially support their grandchildren in some way.

  • Laura

    Nicole’s PayPal is She’s given permission to pass it along, but it’s apparently against TOS to post it to the GoFundMe site.

  • Laura

    Nicole’s PayPal is She’s given permission to pass it along, but it’s apparently against TOS to post it to the GoFundMe site.

  • Charity Horinek

    God bless your readers for helping Nicole!!!
    For those who might be interested, Nicole’s only meager line of income to support herself in the month head is her Thirty-One Gifts business, which she is trying to build into something that can sustain her family in the long run. Her area is very rural with a severe lack of job opportunities, but she can run her little business from home even as she goes back to school or gains training. I am helping her jump start her business with an online party, and if anyone would like to purchase (great Christmas gifts!) or book another party to help her out, here is the link. All proceeds will go to her legal, medical, and household fund.

  • MightyMighty1

    Please tell her to make sure her lawyer puts a clause in there that her husband is responsible for all her legal/travel/late fees if she has to hunt him down for the money. Otherwise, this guy will pay for a few months, then move out-of-state, and she will have to spend a fortune to hold him accountable.

  • Jannette M Arnold

    My heart goes out to all of them, legal or not this is abandonment pure and simple. Even if she wasnt sick, up and running out on your family is criminal. The partner that cheats in a relrelationship doesnt just cheat on the partner they are cheating on every member of their family. They negate the value of their children and leave them with a lifetime of negatve emotions about themselves. What type of person inflicts wounds on their own, a selfish person who values nothing but their own wants. I rant but I am a victom of that parent and ex wife of that type of parent.

    • MichiganMama

      Something very similar happened to our family recently. All the children are adults but nonetheless it still has a horrible impact when your parents divorce due to another woman. Multi-generational too because grandchildren are involved and emotionally impacted.