The Splat Life

The Splat Life November 13, 2014

PIC Wallace on train


The train is whizzing out of control, and he can’t get off, slow down, or change course. In desperation, Gromit snatches a box of spare tracks and frantically lays them on the floor ahead, just split seconds before the train he’s on thunders over them.

This is more or less what it’s like to raise a child. Yes, you have to work frantically to stay ahead of that train; but no, you’re not exactly in control.

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  • AnnF

    Now fast-forward to when that little girl is born. Think about what that mother has emotionally invested in that little girl. What if she’s not perfect and pretty (according to the mom’s definition of course)? What if she flunks out of dance school or is terrible at the flute? You better believe her mother is going to project herself on this child, and when she doesn’t live up to the mother’s ideal, what happens? What kind of psychological storm do you think is brewing for both of them?

    As science advances, so will parents’ preferences for what kind of children we can whip up in a test tube. Blue eyes? Blond hair? Sure, we just need to tweak this embryo over here. You’re welcome. Come again!

    It’s enough to put a smile on old Adolf’s face.

    • Darryl Harb

      Herod. Herod’s face.