When I saw this kid with PSW, I felt sorry for her and her family. What she did next blew my mind.

When I saw this kid with PSW, I felt sorry for her and her family. What she did next blew my mind. November 19, 2014

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Ever faced a task and thought, “I simply can’t”? Ever told yourself, “Why even bother trying”? These phrases are not even in the vocabulary of young Benedicta Fisher. Though born with normal use of her arms and legs, she showed signs of Pervasive Systemic Weirdness from an early age, and her condition has only progressed as she grows. But her PSW isn’t slowing her down. Just witness this gutsy kid painting a picture of “Dog Going to Church in  Batman’s Airplane with His Muvver.”


Remember, her arms work fine. And yet she is using her teeth like a champion. And what have you accomplished with your teeth today, huh, huh? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Boy, you  kind of suck, compared to her. Still not blubbering like a fool? Then check out the way she responds to her own mother, who questioned why she was painting with her mouth. Is this kid going to buckle under the normative familial pressure ? No, she is not.


Yes, it is inspiring.  Also, her name is Elsa. Not Benny. Elsa.

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  • TheReluctantWidow

    Amazing. Benedicta Fisher is bound to make a huge difference in the world with her talent and perseverance. Sigh. I miss that age. Anything was possible, even painting with your teeth. 🙂

  • Naomi Kietzke Young

    I have read (and been in!) so many “inspirational” articles. This is perfect. (If you weren’t so ethical, we could start a PSW Telethon and rake in some cash.)

  • Kristy Bratten

    “What she did next blew my mind.” Pitch perfect. I have been let down by that phrase on so many videos recently 😉