L’Heimlich, Mr. Walker! L’Heimlich!

L’Heimlich, Mr. Walker! L’Heimlich! December 11, 2014


[pic] Fozzie bear pulls rabbi out of hat


Scott Walker, it seems, once covered himself in goyish glory with this ADORABLE note to one of his Jewish constituents:

scott walker munch



Well, it was nice of him to try; he’s a real munch. We only hope this won’t sour relations with the acidic community, or make things uncomfortable next time he speaks to the Anti-Defecation League. If it does get accused of being anti-semantic, there are other drinks besides that troublesome Molotov cocktail that he could offer. “Have a tequila!” he could sing out. I’ve even heard Hebews his own beer, which he could pass around while wishing everyone a happy harmonica.

If this doesn’t work, and someone vengefully changes the latkes on the door to the governor’s mansion, he could always move to that nearby state — you know, that big mitten-shaped one. Meshuggeneh.

Okay, yes, 100% of these jokes were lifted from the brilliant comment section. Here’s to a some good-natured teasing during a dark week. L’Heimlich, and no hard feelings. Goys will be goys.



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  • suburbancorrespondnt

    A Happy Harmonica to you, too! And Molotov on your soon-to-be newborn!

    Goys will be goys – oh, that killed me.

  • chezami

    Oil the Vault!

    • As Catholics, though, we should be saying “Oy vey! Maria!”

  • Leah Joy

    The stripmall church near my grocery store was called the “Joy Life” Fellowship. Until a letter fell off. Now it’s the “Oy, life!” Fellowship.

  • Fr. Denis Lemieux

    ‘A missile on your head – Molotov! Molotov! So soon you will be dead – Molotov! Molotov!’