Mom, we’re out of salted butt.

Mom, we’re out of salted butt. January 23, 2015

I finally got around to taping a note pad to the refrigerator, so people can let me know when we run out of stuff, and I can buy more. So this is what I get:   list

SALTED butter YES! pencil lead red beans Salted Butler Salted Butt you’re a butt -yes-

And here I thought that butt was the one thing we had plenty of.  Also worth noting: some of these items are in my husband’s handwriting.

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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    At least they let you know. That’s the important part.

  • Tori

    We do a notepad on the fridge, too. Saves my brain. I can’t say that mine ever says “salted butt” though.

  • Sarah Pierzchala

    This post saves me the effort of taping a notepad to my fridge.

  • Blobee

    Good thing no one wrote “butt – salt”.

  • Graham McKenzie

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