The Rubberbandians

The Rubberbandians May 20, 2015

Or, Why You Should Have a Bunch of Weird Kids and a Giant Dog.

I had to run to the pharmacy, and when I got  home, this is what met me in the driveway.


photo (56)



Note that they all have rubber bands on their foreheads (or, as the three-year-old calls them, “our brains.”


photo (57)



Also note the progress of the dog. We sometimes sing the Little Mermaid song in Boomer’s voice, and it goes, “ME WANT TO BE WHERE THE PEOPLE BE.”


photo (59)


The dog did not have a rubber band on his brain, but he totally would have gone along with it, if that’s what his girls wanted.


photo (58)


Even if it would have left a mark. Which it did.



photo (60)


Kids. Dogs. Sticks. I rest my case.


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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    I love Boomer.

    • antigon

      Of all the animal kingdom – I forget who said – only dogs have established an alliance with man.
      On the other hand, likely from a Brit Parliamentary debate, there’s – He had all the qualities of a dog, except loyalty.

  • Blobee

    See, you don’t have to buy toys. Just leave stuff lying around (like rubber bands) and they will do something creative. 🙂 Actually, I’m kind of serious. They probably had more fun that day than if you gave them an already created set of costumes out of a store bought box.

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      My current toddler has more fun with my kitchen stuff than any toys. I really tried to convince everyone to give me nice kitchen stuff for him last Christmas.

  • Erica S

    I love pictures of your family.