Should I let my kid dress like a weirdo?

Should I let my kid dress like a weirdo? September 1, 2015

punk girl

There is a huge difference between sporting a blue mohawk because you think it looks cool, and sporting a blue mohawk because you want to horrify and offend everyone you meet.  Trying to set yourself apart from your peers is morally neutral and should be tolerated, even if it makes adults cringe a bit. But trying to give the world or your family a big “F you” is a problem.

It’s behavior that matters, and so it’s the behavior that parents should focus on.  This is just as true for kids who wear exactly what their parents want them to wear. Just as there’s nothing especially virtuous about dressing in a modest and conventional way while being a snippy, catty, arrogant little twerp, there’s nothing especially vicious about dressing like a weirdo if you’re reasonably courteous and responsible.

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  • Deimos

    My answer is a resounding Yes ! In the last year daughter 3 has had head shaved (to raise $2000 for cancer charity), since then its been an alternating rainbow of hair dyes and assorted wigs. None of this has caused civil war or wickedness above normal.
    Never judge a book by its cover unless the cover is on fire.

  • Uncle Ali

    The end decision should be for the child. But I see some room for parental guidance in helping him understand the many subtle and not so subtle ways that his choices will influence how other people will react to him. And that these prejudices aren’t necessarily ‘stupid’ but something he’s going to have to deal with in a mature fashion if he wants to get around them.